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Best at Home Tanning!!!

Best at Home Tanning!!!

Romper x @Birdeeclothing

Loving Tan Official

At least once a week I get the question "Did you go somewhere sunny!?", "How are you so tan?!", "What ethnicity are you?!?" HAHAHA the last one is my favorite LOL! I'm white I just like to be tan!!!!!! 

I've heard so much positive feedback about Loving Tan official, I figured it was time for me to give it a shot!!! (Trust me, I know my fake tanning stuff lol). I PERSONALLY get Spray tans myself, it's just easier for me and I don't mind spending the money. BUT for someone who very much prefers the at home stuff I believe this one is the way to go if you're looking for the best. 

SO. I'm just gonna walk you step by step through my little box I received. What's in it, how you use it, & how it works!! So you'll receive your products & then your applicators as well (also some goodies which I loved too). 

Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

In the left pic is this mousse!! This one is used if you're looking for an actual lasting spray tan. It lasts for days. So this one is better for a more permanent look (which is usually what I'm looking for. 

Bronze Shimmer

Super nice if you just need an extra glow, or you're going out for the night! Gives you that extra bronze that we all look for am I right!!! The only thing I don't like is that it washes away once you shower (which some people may prefer)!

Deluxe Applicator Mitt

Okay. I do love this. Because if I ever do at home care it is a PAIN in the (you know where) to apply it. Because your hands get all orange and you walk around and people stare at your orange hands.. not a good look HAHA. So this is the mitt that you use to apply your tanning products!!! Specifically the Mousse.

Easy To Reach Applicator

Hhahahahhaahaha. Okay maybe for a normal person it's easy to reach but I had the hardest time using this applicator. I think there's probably still lines on my back, but seriously I'm just impatient and it totally could've just been my own problems HAHA. 

Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove

Okay love love love. I hate when I have streaks & spots from a leftover tan, so this baby is actually a lifesaver!!! 

Applying the Mousse!!! 

Okay I'm not going to make this more complicated then it needs to be (which I guess is a good thing that it's not that complicated!!!). For your longer lasting more spray tan look take a small amount of the mousse and spread it all over with this mitt!!! (Make sure you put lots of lotion on your hands & feet first to avoid that overly orange look ;) 

Then the hard part... at least for me!!! To try & get it on your back!!! Okay I didn't like this part too much work but just try the best you can!!! After you have applied it wait around 5 hours until you shower it all off (sometimes I wait till the next day to shower to make the tan look darker... not even sure if that works though, I think I just convinced myself that that's a thing). & there you have it!!! You're dark!! 

& I mean I could go over the lotion part but I think you guys can figure that out. Just apply the lotion over desired areas & there's your instant tan!!! 

This stuff is seriously so great!!! I love easy ways to maintain my tan. & I do love that I can use this when I don't have time to go out and get an actual spray tan!! Gotta love the quality for at home!! 

If you wanna be bronze too make sure to get your Loving Tan Official Set here!!! Fool everyone before the sun even comes out ;)