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B A S I C S 

Everyone needs em! For me they are FOR SURE my "Go To's". Especially when I'm in a rush it's like "uhhh I wanna look cute but don't have time to look real extra, let me just throw on this top & pants!!" - that's me all the time. Especially with my "always running behind" nature LOL.

The Key to being basic, but NOT boring

OKAY. I am boring a lot too with my outfits - but with the right pieces you can still be trendy without being BORING. & I think the key is having those staple trendy pieces & then just spicing them up if need be!!!

FOR INSTANCE. Here - I wore my basic black jeans with this basic black crop... BUT I spiced it up with some glasses!!! & even without the spicy glasses, the shirt is still in style & trendy! 

AND in the second outfit. I love love love my neutrals, so I don't always like crazy spicing it up with glasses. SO I decided to add this cute long cardigan with it, & my cute in style sneaks!!! Nothing extravagant, but all these basic pieces just work together!! 

& with this outfit I just spiced it up with a white hat!! So simple & easy for on the go!! & clearly I'm obsessed with these shirts... HAHA. I've attached where you can get these colors below for!! 

Blush x Black

Photographer x Megan Holmberg

Here's a few more ex's of my simple look. Nothing extravagant just a lil' spicin' up here or there.

On the left I added the fun shoes & on the right the fun clear glasses!!! I think it's so important to not over do it; you don't want to look like you're trying too hard!! 

Stay tuned for Pt. 2 of learning how to style basics!!! 


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City Sweats (Sweatin' off CALORIES)

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Best at Home Tanning!!!