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City Sweats (Sweatin' off CALORIES)

City Sweats (Sweatin' off CALORIES)

OKAY! All ya'll probably know how excited I was about this place!!! I was looking for a lil' wedding prep & this was just what I needed!!! 

For those of you that don't know about City Sweats (like I didn't!) City sweats is a wellness center dedicated to offer services that heal at a cellular level! They encourage clients to take control of their wellbeing through both classic and the innovated treatments that they provide!

The treatment that I received was the "Infrared Sauna Cabin Treatment" & oh man I can't wait to do it again!!! & this sauna is not your typical sauna! I was nervous going into my treatment so I asked someone who worked there to explain what I should expect, how it works, etc. & Lauren said it so well! She explained, 

"The sauna is different from traditional saunas in that it uses infrared light rays to directly raise your core temperature (rather than just heating the air around you like in a traditional sauna). This heat penetrates your cells at a deep level, freeing them from fat cells that trap the toxins and allowing you to safely expel them from the body via sweating. When you sweat from traditional sauna or exercise you only sweat out 5% toxins and 95% water, but with infrared you sweat out 20% toxins -- so it's highly effective. It's great for promoting weight-loss, detoxification, inflammation and you walk away with your skin positively glowing!"

I was like UM YES SIGN ME UP!!! 

Right when I walked into City Sweats I was greeted by the FRIENDLIEST staff member who showed me around the facility & made me feel so comfortable! Which is a huge deal to me when I'm walking in somewhere I'm not familiar with!! 

With the treatment I received, I got to take a detox "Hot Shot" before my treatment! EEK so cool. Then I was led to my Sauna Cabin and oh my goodness SO COOL, The sauna is usually a dread to me, but this one was so nice & had a TV IN IT. I literally watched Gilmore Girls for 50 min while I burned calories HAHA I was like what have I been missing out on?!


My skin was GUH-LOWING (glowing lol) after my treatment & I felt so relaxed (which was a rare feeling 2 days before my wedding) and just so CLEAN. 

After my treatment, you get to take a shower and get all freshened up (of course, so you're not a sweaty mess) before you leave haha. & THEN before you leave this cute little beach room with sand to just unwind, have another detox shot & some tea! 

I'm SO so pleased with my experience at City Sweats & would highly recommend it to anyone considering it! I felt like a QUEEN. & I can't wait to go back & try new things!!!


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