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OBSESSING over Dolce Sole Beauty Bar

AHH!!! I love my lashes!!! I went & saw Jade at Dolce Sole Beauty bar and I'm in love. She has the cutest little studio suite in Downtown Bellevue & seriously has such a gifting for what she does!!! 

I never know how to expect my eyelashes to turn out.. I have to say I was a biiiiit nervous!!! But I thought they would be perfect for the wedding coming up so figured I'd give it a lil' test run!!! 

If you guys have never gotten your lashes done, it's about an 1.5-2 hr process & you're probably thinking WOW THAT SEEMS LIKE FOREVER. It does seem like that until you're laying in that comfy bed HAHA I felt like I was about to knock out!! 

She was so seriously so gentle I hardly felt a thing! I loved how precise she was & really took the time with each & every one of my lashes. Even after we were done she looked & saw a few spots she'd rather have filled in & took the time to sit me back again & make sure they were perfect!!! 


I already had somewhat long eyelashes before getting them done, but it was just missing that dark tint & extra fullness to it!!! I love the way she filled them & gave me a more "glam" look!! 

I love what's different about Dolce Sole is that they put on your lashes in a way that doesn't harm or damage your actual lashes!! They layer them on top of each lash so they only shed when your natural lashes do!!! 

LOL I remember waking up the next morning and going to snapchat & I was ooo these look good for the morning HHAHA. I'm definitely a proponent of one less thing I have to do to get ready, GOODBYE MASCARA & EYEMAKEUP.

If you're gonna get your eyelashes done I would definitely recommend seeing Jade!!! & she gives you these little brushes for your eyelashes, HOW CUTE RIGHT!!! I'll randomly just be like brushing my eyelashes hahaha, clearly OBSESSED.

Dolce Sole Beauty Bar x @dolcesolebbar


My Beauty Routine

My Beauty Routine

The little moments!!!

The little moments!!!