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The little moments!!!

The little moments!!!

Okay. The most common phrase I usually get is "NIKKI you are so busy now!!!" lol. Yes. But isn't everyone?! I love my busy lifestyle I feel like I thrive on it, we were made to work hard!!! But at the same time, a very hard thing for me to learn is taking time to slow down & enjoy the little moments & blessings in my life!!! 

It's easy to get into a routine with being so busy & concerned with where I'm going next & how I'm getting there! Last weekend I had my BRIDAL SHOWER. & It was honestly amazing, I was obsessed if you couldn't already tell by all of my picture's & videos ;) If you haven't seen it yet... 

I feel like I'm learning to be thankful for all of the little thing's & moments that surround me. Given the choice to complain or be thankful, why don't we be thankful?! So I've started to look at the little things in my life & be thankful! The moments with my friends & family, a roof over my head, an AMAZING FIANCE, an awesome bridal shower, and that BEAUTIFUL vehicle that got me there!!! Speaking of this beautiful car at the end of "My Bridal Shower" video... 

First of all, this car is ACTUALLY GORGEOUS. I got to drive around in it for a week, & I have to say it was probably my favorite thing ever. I had never heard of Genesis G90 before, but let me tell you MAD RESPECT NOW. Call it good or bad, but I have a thing for luxury cars. I love the way they look, feel & how much excitement I have to get people in & take them for a ride!!! 

Me & my sweet mom have a routine of going for a drive looking for places to take pictures for the blog, of course getting coffee & having meaningful conversations. & honestly NO LIE it's my favorite thing - I always look forward to it!!! 

& it made it ALL the more special cruising around in this beauty with my sweet mama. Love the way she encourages me & helps me with my business. So thankful for a beautiful car, the conversations that happen in it, the places it takes us - bridal shower, coffee shop or photoshoot! It's so easy to overlook the things we take for granted. So ALL that being said, with my journey to thankfulness I'm learning to recognize the little things & moments that mean so much to me!!! 

Keep me accountable to stay thankful everyone!!! LOL. & a VERY special thank you to @driveshopusa & @genesis_usa for letting me borrow this beauty!!! #DriveGenesis