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What I've Learned About The Instagram Algorithm So Far

What I've Learned About The Instagram Algorithm So Far

Hi Friends!!

I get so many questions on how I gain followers, engagement, etc! WELL. I’m sure you’ve heard a about a little something called the Instagram Algorithm.. it has given me a major HEADACHE HAHA!!

Instagram used to have a chronological feed and now it obviously does not - which makes it harder for people to see your posts because they will only see it if Instagram thinks they will like it… make sense? You can look it up if you want more in depth about what it is - but I’m going to explain how to OVERCOME the Instagram Algorithm or at least things I have learned!!


The most obvious in the algorithm which most of you probably already know! Commenting is CRUCIAL. Instagram wants you to create genuine community so commenting for pretty much as long as you can until you go crazy HAHA is about the best thing you can do! 5 words or more is said to be best.

Also commenting back to every comment on your photo is great for raising engagement. Like other people’s photos. Save and have other people save your photos.

I know there are Like/save pods or comment pods that a group of people will be in together who are all looking to raise engagement and they will like/save/comment on each others photos in exchange for them to do the same back! However, you do have to be careful with some of these groups because Instagram is smarter than you think (it’s actually kind of creepy how they know this), but if you type the word “New Post” or “Comment” or any of those triggering words in the pod - Instagram will actually BLOCK your engagement - doing the opposite affect of what you were hoping to achieve in your pod lol. So greezy Instagram hahahaha. So some of the gals and me in our comment pod will do code words like instead of using “New Post” we’ll say “Fresh” or some word like that ;) creative right?!? HAHA.

Last thing I learned this past month, comment on BIG accounts. Bachelor girls, celebrities, girls with great engagement. I read about this, this past month and apparently it can help if this “famous” person comments back to your comment or if IG shows it as one of the comments that appears when you click on the photo. This one’s a little confusing hahahaha but trust me, no harm in trying it.


We all know about hashtags - BUT WHAT I JUST LEARNED ABOUT HASHTAGS THIS PAST MONTH - Did you know Instagram will push your feed to the bottom if you use the same hashtags over & over?! They will also push your feed to the bottom if you use more than 30 hashtags!

Did not know that!! My photo engagement is actually doing way better ever since I changed that (surprisingly!).

I recommend doing unique hashtags for every photo - hashtags that are unique the photo you are posting. Please if you are a blogger DO NOT do #blogger - that will never help you. Do you know how many people hashtag blogger?! MILLIONS. You do hashtags so that your photo will appear on the hashtag when people search it or that it will come across their explore feed. If you hashtag things that EVERYONE hashtags - you will never be seen! Do unique ones that are popular, but not too popular so that you have a chance of being seen. Make sense?

Also make sure and put your hashtags in the comments - not the caption!


We all know this for the most part, but make your posts unique! Make sure it’s high quality - your best work!!! I think it helps having a great/fun aesthetic too so that if people come across your page they will be drawn to follow!

When it comes to posting time - choose a popular location for your photo geotag. I choose Scottsdale, AZ - because for the most part a lot of people look at that spot, then they’ll see my photo!

Make an interesting caption that makes people WANT to engage with your photo. Ask questions, tell a story, that helps so much actually.

Tag brands on the photo! Tag what you’re wearing and maybe they will repost you! Tag fashion or food inspiration brands as well (based on what kind of content you’re posting).

MAKE SURE you have it all correct before you post - BECAUSE if you edit your photo after you post it Instagram will push it to the bottom. Who knows why lol - but they do.


Use stories and DM’s to engage with your followers - treat every follower like a friend! Some people think Instagram stories will bring you followers and you don’t have to do anything else… I don’t think thats true at all lol but there ya go! Haha.

I like using stories to let my followers get to know me better so they feel like they are friends with me and not just another blogger they follow. It will also increase your engagement having followers respond/interact with your stories.

I’ve heard to respond to DM’s right away - right once you get them. That’s not my best trait hahahahaha. Getting 50-100+ DM’s daily is a bit hard to respond to right away lol but I try!! Or at least try to favorite it & interact in some way if you can’t respond.


Instagram wants you to use all the tools they give you - even the new ones (especially those). So IGTV, videos on your feed, slideshow feature on your feed, IG live, all the tools you can use on your stories (polls, links, music, gifs, etc.). So make sure to use all of those!


Direct your followers to turn on your post/story notifications so that they will be notified when you make a new post! This is a great way of getting your followers to see your stuff that maybe would’ve been hidden before!

Create your own hashtags and have your followers start following that hashtag! I created #nicolecarlson #nicolecarlsonhome #ncxogiveaways - when your followers follow your hashtags they most likely will not miss your posts.

Phew! That was a lot of info haha! I hope this helped and that you maybe learned something that you didn’t know before! Love you guys! Make sure to subscribe on my homepage so that you don’t miss a blog post! Happy Tuesday! xx

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