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How I've Learned To Unwind After A Long Week

How I've Learned To Unwind After A Long Week

Hi friends!!!!

Back again here I am! Happy Friday first of all - congrats you made it through the week LOL. Anyone else feel dead after the work week?! For me, I work Monday-Saturday usually from 8am-9pm cause ya know entrepreneur life. Not as glam as it looks folks!!!

So I know all about feeling exhausted after a long, long work week. How can you turn off work mode to get the MAX amount of rest to feel refreshed/revived for the next full week in 1 or 2 days?!!

I’m gonna tell you guys what I do for my 1 day off (Sunday) and how I use it to FORCE myself to get some much needed rest & ME TIME!!!!! So that you can feel refreshed & revived for your busy week ahead!!


This may seem self explanatory - but let me briefly explain my thoughts on this. First of all, I work all day every day on social media so especially for me, I REALLY need a day to just take a break from it. BUT, I think it is soooo important for everyone to get at least one day off of social media a week.

Social media is DRAINING FRIENDS. It’s so hard to look at it all day and not compare yourself to others, or be jealous/envyeous of what other people have or what they’re doing - or what their life looks like!

First of all, people put their best self on social media (Myself included!!!! I do want to be better at that though), so don’t get too discouraged - but it is nice to take a break from all of that and take a day to think about yourself, be thankful for the life YOU live.

Bottom line, I think it’s so important to take just one day off from it!! I’m not saying delete the app or never go on it again lol that’s not what I’m saying. I just think one day can be great to feel refreshed. Not have all of that “Buy this” or “Look at me on vacation” etc. Just take a break and focus on REAL LIFE all around you!


Me and Brandon love to take Sunday’s to prep for our busy week! Whether that’s meal prepping so we can live healthy and not feel to “busy” for it during the week. Or doing the laundry, dishes, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming!

While that doesn’t seem like that’s going to help you relax - it will help your busy week ahead so you don’t have to worry about doing those things during the work week (well… you’ll probably still have to do some. But if for sure helps us for the first few days!!).

I know for me, when things are clean I feel WAY more relaxed and ready to crush the work week. I can’t get anything done looking at a messy house haha!!

Also we love planning! Looking at our calendar or my planners (I’m an organization freak hehe) and seeing what we have going on for the week so we can mentally prep as well!


I think this is the most important out of all of these. Make sure you are having YOU TIME. For me this is taking a bubble bath, shaving my legs LOLLLL, self tanning, plucking my eyebrows, face mask, washing my hair (such a chore sometimes lol) - so I feel great and relaxed and am also ready for the busy week ahead!

A lot of times during the week I’ll say things like “I’ve always wanted to read more” or “I’ve always wanted to scrapbook and document more”. WELL FRIENDS! I don’t say that anymore because I finally have time to do it now!!!! Seems little, but it makes me so happy that I have a day off designated to do those things that I have always wanted to do.

I’ve been reading more books about Christianity to grow my faith, I’ve been doing this thing called “Chatbook” - I have a separate private Instagram account that I upload personal pictures from each week with a caption on what’s going on in our lives, and at the end of the year it sends you a FULL BOOK. Of each picture with the date and the caption! Such a great scrapbook alternative to document everything! I tried scrapbooking for awhile, but I like this better lol.

Also, hehe. Just having time to relax on the couch and watch a show I’ve been wanting too but was too busy for during the middle of the week. Or baking/cooking - doing things I enjoy that during the week I don’t have much time for. Even online shopping!!!!! HAHAHA. Seriously though. It’s you time. So do what YOU want to do, that you’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t had enough time for.


I’m a terrible texter. All of my friends reading this are probably like - NIKKI WE KNOWWWW. hhahahhahaa. Legit don’t respond to people for weeksssss. Well now it’s only 1 week ;) because I have been taking time to invest in those around me!

It may seem dumb, but to me it’s important to make sure that no matter how busy I get, that I am always responding to family and friends. For me, I have to set a day to make sure I do it or else let’s be honest, I’ll probably forget or it will take me a month.

Investing in my marriage. Taking time to talk with Brandon about life, how he’s doing, spending time with him, date night, etc. I never want to be too busy with work or life for my hubby!

Investing in my faith. Going to church Sunday’s, spending time with Jesus with no distractions, having alone time with Him. I still want to do better at this, but I think this is so important if you’re a Christian.

This may not seem relaxing in the moment, but it’s preparing yourself for a more relaxing week because it’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about. You won’t have to say “Oh shoot I forgot to respond” or “I forgot to take time to do this…” etc.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe feel inspired to do some of these things to unwind this weekend. Happy unwinding!! xx

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