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2019 Committed to Living HEALTHY x Taylor Farms

2019 Committed to Living HEALTHY x Taylor Farms

Hi Friends!!!

Okay, I have to admit. When 2019 rolled around I didn’t think I needed a New Years resolution. I read everyone else’s but didn't think twice about making one for myself. I was happy with the way I lived, my workouts, what I ate, etc. I love to eat healthy for the most part. It makes me feel good, gives me more energy, and I’ve always just known that it’s good to put GOOD STUFF in my body!!! Right?!

A few weeks in our new home here in Arizona. I realized how abnormally well I was feeling and I realized it was because me and Brandon had committed to eating healthy and putting the right things in our bodies after the craziness of the holidays!! Y’ALL I FELT SO GOOD. SO ENERGIZED. SO MOTIVATED. ALL THE GOOD STUFF.

SO I am committed to living HEALTHY this 2019. The things I put in my body, but not only that. The things I tell myself (positivity & truth), working out not to be skinny, but to be the best and healthiest version of myself. ALL these things I am committing to this 2019.


Hehe this seems like a silly caption, but seriously I get the most questions on what I eat!! So I want to share with you guys some of my favorite things to eat & how to balance it so you don’t go too crazy!! Haha.

If you’re just starting this healthy food journey, it seems intense, but there are ways to make it just become routine!

  1. PANTRY/FRIDGE FOOD - I try to only keep things in my pantry that are somewhat healthy!!! Veggie chips, low calorie popcorn, whole wheat foods, greens, fruits etc. I know myself and keeping bad chips, lots of candy in my house.. I will eat it HAHA. Basically.

  2. MEALS - Meals for me and Brandon I tend to keep healthy and if we are REALLY craving something we’ll go out to eat or get a drive by. But for the most part, most of our meals are healthy. Eggs or Greek yogurt for breakfast. Greens/Fish/Chicken for lunch. Whole wheat pasta for dinner with extra virgin oil/ Salmon/ Steak/ Chicken/ some sort of protein for dinner typically.

  3. CRAVINGS - They will come and they will come hard!!! HAHA. I am such a snacker and love my sweets. SOMETHING THAT HAS HELPED ME MORE THAN ANYTHING when it comes to my love for sweets. IF YOU WANT THE SWEETS OR THE POPCORN HAVE IT - BUT I typically if I have Ice-cream, candy, whatever. I always only have a bite or 2. Cravings are normal and you can cure it by having a piece of your favorite candy. Just don’t eat the whole box. We have mini reeses in our freezer and it’s the perfect little treat to cure our need for sweets!!!! Or If I make cookies - I have a bite whenever I reeeeallly want a piece. It seems dumb BUT. IT. WORKS.

  4. STOP WHEN YOU’RE FULL - This is the hardest. Not that I have necessarily even tried to lose weight in this way, but I’ve taught my body to stop eating right when I get full and that way I can still eat healthy, or cheat on meals, but I don't overeat. I just walk away, I tell Brandon he can have the rest, etc HAHA!

If you’re looking for great, yummy, HEALTHY meals. You guys have to try the Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits. You guys, we are obsessed. SO many bags in our fridge!!

We have the Cheddar Ranch Grilled Chicken (my personal fav), the Club Grilled Chicken, and the Caesar Grilled Chicken.

They are actually SO yummy. I don’t know how they get the chicken to taste so good I need to take lessons from them hahaha.

So I’m showing ya’ll a close up of my favorite kit, the Cheddar Ranch Grilled Chicken Chopped Kit. Which gives you the bag of lettuce along with the bacon, cheese, ranch and chicken!

The whole kit already is healthy. But when I make it, to save a few extra calories I’ll only put half the bag of dressing in, and maybe half the cheese. For sure I’ll keep the whole bag of bacon bits in there ;). Me and Brandon love to split a bag for lunch or add in a bag as a side for our dinner meal.

They’re especially nice for Brandon too because he isn’t the biggest “chef” lol. So he loves this because he can plop it all in a bowl and it tastes delicious and he knows he’s eating healthy!

What I also love about these kits is that they are inexpensive. If I was to buy all these ingredients and make a salad like this separately it would cost me way more and also I promise you my chicken does not taste as good as this one!! Haha.

It’s fast. It’s easy. It takes the stress out of cooking lunch and is a quick healthy alternative versus going out for a quick fast food meal. I love keeping these stocked in my fridge (they last for a long time) and if I'm STARVING it’s so quick and easy to make. Ya’ll TRY THESE. You’re welcome in advance ;).


i want to work out this year to be HEALTHY. To be the healthiest version of myself and feel GREAT. Yes I want to be in shape, but not working out with the wrong motives this year. Not feeling bad about myself if I don’t make it to the gym. Why do we think like this?! I want to encourage you guys to join me on this healthy lifestyle this year!

For those of you who are curious about my workout plan, I’ve listed it below!

x Barre3 - 2-3 times a week. Currently I’ve been going 2 times, but I want to work up to 3 times! It’s not too intense, but intense enough to push myself. Most importantly, I feel great every time I conquer a class

x Run - 2 times a week. I’ve been going once a week (or none hehe). I want to work on running twice a week.


As well as eating healthy, living healthy by feeding myself positivity & truth. Truth about who I am, that I am good enough. Being positive with myself and not negative. Also bringing positivity and joy to others around me as well.

Not believing the lies that society tells us that “We aren’t good enough” “Not skinny enough” “Not smart enough”. I’m done feeding myself those lies and this 2019 I will be speaking the truth about myself and others!!!

Brandon and I are so excited for this year to work hard to be the healthiest versions of ourselves through all of these lenses. I hope this helped if you struggle in any of these areas know that you are not alone!!! We can do this together. LOVE YOU GUYS!


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