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MOZING TO AZ!!!! Why + Sneak Peek at our Furniture

MOZING TO AZ!!!! Why + Sneak Peek at our Furniture


Can’t believe I’m writing this AHH! We are currently ON OUR WAY TO AZ. Literally sitting on an airport floor writing this haha! I’m excited to share in detail why we are moving to Arizona and a little sneak peek at our new furniture (with links obvi).

Why We’re Moving!!!

As you may have heard (or not) Brandon wants to be a pilot! Although it seems all of a sudden, we have actually been praying and thinking about it since September. Brandon wasn’t loving real estate and had always wanted to be a pilot since he was little - so cute omg heart eyes.

He never thought he could because he had seizures when he was younger from growing so fast (went from super short to super tall). But figured he’d give it a shot and see! We ended up going to the hospital and having his brain looked at to see if there was any seizure activity. It was a long 1-2 months of hearing back if he was approved, lots of prayer and heartache - I mean it was his DREAM and this was on the L.I.N.E. but ultimately trusting God that if He wanted Brandon to do this, He would make it happen!!

We found out he got approved and seriously went out to probably 3 happy hours to celebrate HAHA. Super pumped. SO. You may be wondering (or not idk HAHA) why not Seattle?? Isn’t there flight school there?? Well, imma tell you guys.


Why AZ & not Seattle?

We really jumped the gun at first and thought AZ would be a fun place to go to for a season. Which I don’t think it was bad to want that, BUT it was when we realized we made that decision without even praying about it hardly. We felt super convicted to the point where we thought we should just stay in Seattle.

After a few weeks ago we were out with some friends and we were telling them the situation, no big deal - no intent of having them change our mind, just casual conversation ya know?! Eventually they just asked us “wait.. so why aren’t you moving to Arizona?”. We honestly had to think. We were like wait.. why aren’t we again?? Haha!!

SO. That’s when we started talking and saying we should pray for guidance WHEREVER God may want us. And at this time I was kinda set on Seattle!! I was like my life is nice here, it’s easy, I have friends, work is easier here, blah blah blah. But when we started praying and asking God to make it clear… boy did He make it clear for us.

Random things started happening and trust me guys, I am usually that person to be like “Well how do I know where God is leading me?!! How will I ACTUALLY KNOW”. I was sure.

We found out Brandon had to do his commercial training anyways in either Texas or Arizona for 2 months. And obviously we didn’t want to be separated for 2 months or get a hotel somewhere, I mean we could’ve but it just wouldn’t have been ideal.

Other random things started happening too. One was that me and Brandon were talking about “Well what would we do with all our furniture if we moved?! We’d need a new mattress” (As random as that sounds we actually said that). THAT NIGHT - I get a DM from a mattress company wanting to send me a free mattress UHHHH SO CRAZY. Trust me hahahahaha I swear that’s not a coincidence. We didn’t fully get up and move after those things, but it definitely got us thinking.

More and more things were happening and me and Brandon were feeling clearer than ever that this was the way we needed to go. We were a bit scared, but MY FRIEEEENDS - when you have peace about something and think God is leading you there, it is 100% better. And you don’t care what anyone thinks - you know it’s right and that’s THE best feeling. Hands down.


SO YES. We decided to move the beginning of January!! Brandon will be studying material for the next 2 months and start flying in March!!! Crazy! He’ll be done with School and December & then just have to finish training other pilots and getting his hours in - then he can work for an airline! (PS how funny is it that I’m deathly afraid of flying and my husband is a pilot HAHAHAHA. But honestly I feel closest to God while I’m in a plane cause I’m SO dependent on Him and praying the whole time so who knows. ANYWAYS back to the point).

We are living in Scottsdale and we are 2 minutes away from his school and 2 minutes (also walking distance) from Scottsdale Quarter & Kierland Commons which is my favorite spot everrrrr. We are here right now actually while I am typing this hehe.

I also just uploaded a video of our move here & a first look at our new apartment - so check it out below!!!!


Linking a lot of our furniture that we got!!! Not linking it all because we haven’t gotten it all yet! But just wanted to give you guys a sneak peek…actually not sure if this is more for you guys or me HAHAHAH I’m just so excited EEEEK!


Our kitchen table set up!!! Going close to our kitchen! I was going to use the bar stools for the marble table, but since we have a different kitchen than we thought I got these clear chairs for the marble table & have the bar stools up at the kitchen bar! The cow skin rug is going underneath the table!


I also have my decanter’s that I’m putting on here & my marble tray! Also some other things I haven’t gotten yet. I’m placing this white & gold pot with this plant!


This couch for $500 SUCH a good deal. Also this cute marble coffee table and a HECKA cute rug that I can’t link sadly :( But it’s on Throw pillows for the couch & the TV stand is also so cute too!! I have some vases I’m gonna be putting in there & other fun stuff hehe.


The headboard for our bed! We got a Lull mattress (the people that DM’ed me ;). Then I’m getting this cute pink velvet chair and this marble side table. At the end wall I’m putting this white console table and vanity stool. Along with my Target circle mirror and this cute white & grey rug underneath. Then close to the closet I got this big mirror and faux fur rug for underneath the mirror!

Hope you guys like what you see so far!!! OMG I’m just loving getting to decorate a new place so you will hear more from me SOON. Haha love you guys!!

2019 Committed to Living HEALTHY x Taylor Farms

2019 Committed to Living HEALTHY x Taylor Farms

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