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Enchant Seattle

Enchant Seattle

Hi Friends!!! 

I’ve gotten so many questions on Enchant this winter season!!! 

Enchant is seriously like an indoor snow globe. I’ve gotten questions like “Is it worth it?” “What is it like?” “What do you do?”. Well friends, here I am to tell you all you need to know!! 


Brandon and I attended Enchant last week as a fun holiday outing!! We had heard so many good things, and honestly.. anything festive I am in haha! I get so into the Christmas season!! 

We went the VIP route (wow I feel so cool saying that). I thought that was so nice - while it was a little extra, we got to cut all the lines, get a nice meal, and other exclusive benefits!! 


Enchant is held at Safeco field and like I said before, it’s seriously an indoor snow globe!!! SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS. All of safeco field was decked in gorgeous lights!!! And that’s not it y’all. 


The lights are for their light maze which is so fun and they give you a map to cross off how far you’ve come. In this display of lights on the field there is a ice skating path (WE LOVE ice skating). And hot cocoa stands and all that fun stuff!! Definitely got some hot cocoa too. 

You can even go up above in Safeco where there is tons of food for purchase and local vendors that you can support! Seriously it’s packed!! So your girl did a bit of shopping!! Brandon never minds either because I think he might like shopping more than me haha! ;) 


I don’t know about you guys who attended, but I thought Enchant was such a fun holiday event!! You get tons of holiday things in one setting and seriously I felt like I was in a snow globe or Santa’s workshop or something HAHA! 

If you guys haven’t been to Enchant I highly recommend it. Perfect for families, a night out with the girls, or a date night!! Trust me, y’all will love it. 

See more about Enchant HERE

I hope this blog post helped and gave you a better perspective on what this Enchant thing is!! As always, feel free to email or DM me with questions! Love you all!

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