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Red Blend Experience x Chateau Ste. Michelle

Red Blend Experience x Chateau Ste. Michelle


Hi friends!!

This post is directed for all my fellow wine lovers out there!!! Especially if you live in the Seattle area, this post is for you!!

Brandon & I chose to spend our date night last Friday at one of the most famous wineries in Washington - Chateau Ste. Michelle. You’ve probably heard of it, because it’s incredible. I have been to the winery before, but this was Brandon’s first time! He is also a new wine lover ;) (so I knew this would further along his love for wine haha - maybe I did it on purpose).


My last experience with Chateau Ste. Michelle was with Joey Restaurants touring wineries for the day. I’m not even lying ya’ll; this place BLEW away all the other wineries we toured that day. Ever since then I had been dying to go back!!! When I toured it last time, I did the food pairing & wine experience, so this time I was excited to try a new experience they offer!!!

We chose the “Red Blend Experience” because we are suckers for red wine let’s be honest. Also we were so excited to be a winemaker for a day, and come up with our perfect red blend!!! So for the remainder of this blog I’m going to share with you my friends why you need to visit this amazing winery and try one of their experiences! Seriously, it’s so much fun. I wouldn’t write a blog post about it if it wasn’t haha!!!


Guys.. Isn’t this place GORGEOUS?! I’m always blown away!!! Also, they do summer concerts which is so much fun! Last time I came, Macklemore was playing!!! Anyways, back to the point hahaha.


We started off our time by touring the winery. So beautiful and so much fun seeing how it all goes down! To be honest my friends, I don’t know THAT much about wine or wineries or making wine - anything like that. I just know I love drinking it haha!

Every time I come to Chateau Ste. Michelle I learn so much about their wine, where they make it, all the machinery, what makes their wine so special - it’s such a fun experience just in that if you haven’t been before!!


After we toured the behind the scenes we went into our own private room for the Red Blend Experience. Can I also just say - the staff at Chateau Ste. Michelle is SO FRIENDLY. They are so welcoming, down to earth, and most importantly to me - they will teach to whatever level you are at in your wine journey! To be honest my friends, I don’t know a lot about wine/how to make it/the different kinds - I recently started learning. The staff teaches in a way that is personable to you. Whether you know a ton about wine or nothing at all!

Honestly, it makes it way more fun too!! We learned about the different wines we would be tasting, the differences between how wine from different climates tastes different, kinda crazy!!!


Next, tasting the different red wines!!! As shown in the photos below, we had a bunch of wine glasses lined up all with different labels. We tried each one and had to write our thoughts on our tasting cards that were provided! You could write as fancy or basic as you wanted - whatever made the most sense to you!! I wrote things like “OMG LOVE THIS” “Hate” “So bitter, but better than the last one” HAHA. I think Brandon copied me on some of mine too just saying ;).


Now the fun part ;) MAKING OUR OWN RED BLENDS!!! YAY!!! Once you perfected your tasting cards with your favorite red blends, and even specifying how much percentage of each you wanted in your bottle - then it was time to put it into action.

Barrels of the different red’s were in our private room and we’d take our measured cylinders (so mathmatical!!) and fill them up with our favorite reds to make our perfect pair. We even perfected it a second time to make sure it was exactly how we wanted it in our bottles. I chose 80% Cabernet Sauvignon + 20% Merlot, and Brandon chose the same but 90% x 20%. Seems like we have similar palettes hehe.


Next we poured it into our own wine bottles and even got to put the cork on! Feeling like a a true wine maker over here ;) After it was all sealed up, we got to design our own labels for our wine!! So fun!! I named mine “Christmas Blend” and Brandon named his “Lux” because in his words “I only make luxury things” hahahahaha. 


Ya’ll this was so much fun seriously! I definitely would recommend trying out this experience by Chateau Ste. Michelle or one of their others for date night, or a fun wine day with your family or just out with your girlfriends! Seriously a wine lovers heaven!!! 

If you’re looking for a different experience I would also recommend the “Artfully Paired” experience with different wines. LOVED that one as well. 

Thank you all for listening to my long rant about this place HAHA. I hope you enjoyed it and think about visiting this amazing place! As always, if you have any questions feel free to email or DM me. Love you all!


This post is in collaboration with Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

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