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My Healthier Hot & Iced Latte Recipes x

My Healthier Hot & Iced Latte Recipes x

Hi hi friends!

Wow lots of coffee posts lately sorry LOL. Not sorry though, love a good coffee recipe! Have finally perfected my healthier hot & iced latte so need to share with ya’ll! I’ll be short and get to the good stuff listed below!



x NUT PODS (My favorite is the hazelnut one - the vanilla is great too!) This creamer is Whole30 approved and the yummiest thing EVERRR. I’m picky.

x Nespresso & Nespresso Coffee Pod (or an espresso maker of some sort).

  1. Get your glass and fill it to the brim with ice as shown in my above photo!

  2. Put your pod into your Nespresso and stop it once your cup is filled half with the Nespresso shot. Or if using another espresso maker - add two shots of espresso to your cup filled full with ice!

  3. Add 3 tablespoons of your Nutpod creamer into the iced coffee (or a splash! 1 tablespoon is 10 cal. so just keep that in mind).

  4. You’re done! Mix & enjoy! Such an easy healthier latte.




x I am using unsweetened coconut milk BUT only because I am out of my favorite milk. I 100% prefer/suggest over coconut milk to use SILK CASHEW MILK. Only 25 calories a cup and the yummiest alternative milk evaaa.

x Nut Pods Hazelnut (Love vanilla too).

x Nespresso & Nespresso pod (or any espresso machine)

x Nespresso Milk Frother (or any milk frother)

x Optional: Vanilla Extract / Cinnamon

  1. Add in 1 cup of Silk Cashew milk into frother & 1-2 tablespoons of your Nut Pod creamer.

  2. Occasionally, I will add in a lil’ bit of vanilla extract & cinnamon as well if I”m feeling spicy. Usually I’ll go without it cause I think I like it better that way though lol. I’m weird idk. Try both ways for yourself and see which one you prefer!

  3. While the milk is frothing, place your mug under the Nespresso spout. Depending on which Nespresso pod you have (I have the normal pods so I stop the coffee when my mug is 1/4 full so it doesn’t fill all the way up). If you have the Nespresso espresso pods you can just let it go and it will stop itself!

  4. Once both are done pour the milk into the coffee, mix & enjoy! Sometimes I’ll add a dash of cinnamon on top, ya know if I’m feeling sassy lol. ENJOY!


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