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3 Sultra Beauty Tools Review x

3 Sultra Beauty Tools Review x

Hi Friends!!! 

Let’s talk HAIR! I mean who doesn’t like talking hair ;). 

I have been using Sultra products for the past few months and I know I’ve been posting IG videos to show y’all how I use each iron. I’ve also been showing IG pics to show off the finished look!! Now it’s time to share a little more in depth why I love these hair products! 

I’m going to be talking about the 3 different hair products I have the - Thermalite Style & Straighten Flat Iron, 1.5-Inch Titanium Styling Wand, and the Bombshell Oval Clipless Curling Rod.


First the After Hours Thermalite Style & Straighten Flat Iron

I get so many questions on my straight hair and how I get it to stay so straight! This iron is available at Ulta but online only! I will attach the link below.

LOOK: I love this iron because it gives me that straight sleek hair look without a ton of effort!

HAIR CARE: This iron along with all of the other Sultra products are great for your hair health. I would never recommend something that would be damaging to your hair health because I know how important it is to have products that protect your hair!

This iron has high heat that makes straightening easy because you only have to go over your hair once (MAYBE twice) and it’s straight. The thermalite technology combines far infrared rays with a dedicated ion emitter that actually promotes healing of your hair and your scalp. So cool!! This iron also ensures a frizz free look.


Also, LOVE that this iron isn’t crazy expensive and that good hair products can be affordable!!! So great my friends. 

Buy this straightener HERE

Next the Sultra After Hours Collection x 1.5-Inch Titanium Styling Wand

Are you looking for big Victoria’s Secret curls?? Haha me too. This iron is for you!! It creates big curls (which I always prefer over small, little curls). 


Also, did I mention that all 3 of these irons heat up SO FAST?? I turn it on and I swear in a few seconds it’s already hot!!! Love that. Especially when I’m always in a rush (which I feel like I I usually am haha). 

LOOK: As I said before, those big, loose, Victoria’s Secret curls. So beautiful.

HAIR CARE: This iron also has the ion emitters that creates healing and smoothing for the hair! It’s friction free, so the barrel easily glides while curling. It also has dual-heater technology for full barrel even heat! And also heats up to 390 degrees!

This iron is so great if you’re in the market for a new every day curling iron. It’s long lasting and you know you’re helping your hair while using it; NOT harming it!!! Bless a loved one (or yourself) with this iron this Christmas haha!

Buy this Bombshell Iron HERE


Last, but definitely not least. My favorite iron!!! The Bombshell Oval Clipless Curling Rod

LOOK: This iron creates messy curls. Which we all now is my ultimate FAV which makes this my favorite iron.

HAIR CARE: This iron has Exclusive Advanced Care Ceramic  Technology that actually mends and protects your hair while styling! It maintains a constant 395 degrees heat and also generates ions and near infrared rays (which basically means that it ensures smooth, strong hair - it really does).

I love this iron because the curls actually STAY in my hair. I curled my hair at 3am before my flight with this iron and I KID YOU NOT they stayed until we arrived in Mexico that night!! This iron is no joke and my favorite out of all 3!!!

Shop this iron for only $99 HERE


I was so excited to share these with you guys hehe! I’ve gotten so many DMS about them so now I finally have all my thoughts about them in one place!!! 

If you are a late Christmas shopper like me (don’t remind me... I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet. HAHA). Consider being generous this season and giving a loved one, one of these amazing irons! Such a great quality gift for a great price. Hehe. 

Love you guys! Hope this post helped if you are considering buying one of these irons. As always feel free to DM or email me if you have any questions!!

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