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My Favorite Beauty Products

My Favorite Beauty Products


Hi friends!!!

Long time no talk haha!!! Today I'm sharing my FAVORITE and every day beauty products I use! I figured it's been awhile since I last did a post on this so wanted to update you all!! If you want to know specifically how I use these products I have a tutorial on my Instagram "Beauty" highlight tab!! 


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MIRROR - Love love love this mirror! It has LED lights that adjust to the room. It also has an even closer up mirror to tweeze! Love double checking my makeup with this mirror. 

NU FACE - Okay ya'll... this thing tones your face and actually works. my face got skinnier and more toned when I used it and I stopped for a month and it got bigger IM NOT KIDDING HAHAHA. I'm now back to using it every day hahaha! Also prevents wrinkles and anti aging!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY CREAMS - Currently using these creams! I use the moisturizer every morning and night! The eye cream I use at night and by the morning my under eye bags are gone! 

PERFUME - Always been my favorite perfume. Been using since high school too! 

FLAWLESS - Just started using this and LOVE. it gets rid of the hair on your face and it guarantees your hair won't grow back thicker!

NION BEAUTY - I use this once a week on my exfoliation day! Love this even better than the Clarisonic. 


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OUAI - The texturized hairspray, hair oil and wave spray!!! I love the texturized hairspray it's not sticky which I LOVE. The only hairspray I've loved. The hair oil not only smells great but is great for your hair! I'm still playing with the wave spray but love it too so far!! 

T3 Hairdryer & Curling Iron - AHH love these heating products! The only ones I'll use. They don't damage your hair and such great quality. Worth the investment people! See how I use them on my Instagram "Beauty" highlight tab! 


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SO guys I'm only linking my absolute FAV pieces. There's a few in my routine I'm not crazy about and am wanting to replace - so I'm only sharing the one's I LOVE. 

ESTEE LAUDER FOUNDATION - GUYS my FAVORITE EVER foundation!!! I've worn it since high school and it's the only kind that actually covers my acne and redness. Not only that but makes my skin looks smooth! LITERALLY miracle worker haha! I use color "2n2buff" 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY HIGHLIGHT WAND - Love this highlighter - its gives me this dewy glow look that I love! Especially since I wear a pretty heavy foundation!! Mines almost out but I'm def gonna need more! 

ESTEE LAUDER BRONZER - Best bronzer. Love it cause it doesn't give you an orangey look but an actual BRONZE. And is very smooth going on the skin when applying! 

MAC BROW GEL - Best thing ever. Just purchased this week cause I heard hype about it and I'm never going back!! I got color "bold brunette" 

ALL NIGHT SPRAY - Such a great setting spray. The only one I'll use! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!!! If you have any questions always feel free to dm me! 

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