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Must Have Beauty Products of 2019

Must Have Beauty Products of 2019

Hi Friends!!!

Here I am to give you the 411 on the BEST (at least my favorite!!) beauty products of 2019! New year, new you ;). Not that you need anything new because you’re amazing just the way you are :’). But i also believe there’s nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty by putting the best products on for your skin & body. Especially when it makes you feel even more like the QUEEN YOU ARE!

Luckily, being a fashion blogger means you get sent a lot of random free stuff. Which is great because it really helps me decipher (wow big word go me) which product I REALLY think works/is the best.

So I’m sharing my little bit of knowledge based on trying all sorts of stuff. So I’ve been in a lot of thought to say the least for the products below haha! I think you guys will love whatever product you end up choosing to get!! Okay I’m done prefacing this blog - enjoy!!!


I’ve always loved the T3 product tools. They don’t pay me, they just send me things and I genuinely LOVE their products. i also love the Sultra products I wrote a blog post about and think some of their products may be a bit cheaper and better for your hair (which I love that about Sultra). But I think If I have to choose, T3 is my ultimate favorite!


Ouai & Living Proof ALL THE WAY my friends. I was set on Kristen Ess for awhile but I’m over it now. These are my favvvvvv’s.

Ouai: I currently have the Ouai oil and I love using it on my ends when I get out of the shower with damp hair. Even on dry hair I’ll put half a pump of the oil and put it on my ends if I think my hair needs it.

I also just finished (literally yesterday) with the texturing hairspray. Guys. I usually hate hairspray HAHA. It’s so sticky and annoying, but this one doesn’t do that, but still helps your hair stay in place and gives it that texturized look.

Living Proof: Okay. Living Proof doesn’t have the best ingredients in their products, but they work hecka good so I keep using them. I currently have and love this shampoo & conditioner - gives me really clean, long lasting hair (also gives me some volume and texture as well which I love about living proof).

Also have the the dry volume which I typically use the day I shower or the day after. Really the only thing that has worked volume wise for me.

The Anti Frizz is incredible and ACTUALLY WORKS FREAKISHLY WELL.


TULA: First off. I actually love Tula. I know I have a discount code and work with them but I actually LOVE their products. I wouldn’t work with them if I didn’t. I’ll tell you which ones I don’t like if you wanna get real honest around here HAHA. HERE’S THE DISCOUNT CODE FOR 20% OFF: “NICOLECARLSON”

LOVE their cleanser. I just ran out and i’ve gone through 2 bottles I’m obsessed hehe. Also love the overnight cream that I linked and the exfoliating treatment I have it currently and use it once a week! I also linked a kit where you can try out a little of all their products to see which ones you like best for your skin!

KATE SOMERVILLE: love this cleanser. I’m using it since I ran out of Tula & it REALLY takes off even the heaviest of makeup in one wash which I love.

MASKS & CREAMS: Have heard amazing things about Summer Fridays, I’m saving up for it! Also great things about the Estee Lauder Eye Cream. I haven’t tried these specific eye patches, but I feel like these kind work super well in general.

TOOLS: Have this same Ice roller - it’s great for depuffing skin in the morning (mines squeaky haha but who cares it helps my skin so I don’t mind). NUFACE is hecka expensive - but you get what you pay for and it works freaking SO well. I notice a hugeeeee difference of my skin being toned when I use it vs. when I don’t. Like a crazy difference. The jade roller works good too as a cheaper option, but definitely not as well as the NUFACE. But hey, it does the trick!


ESTEE: absolutely sold forever on double wear foundation. I’ve been using it since 10th grade I think. and every time I try to branch out (even to nice brands like chanel!!) I still always go back to double wear. It’s the only thing that’s been able to actually cover my acne & scarring. It is a super heavy makeup so if you don’t like heavy makeup you won’t like it.

I haven’t tried the concealer or powder yet - but I’m buying them today actually haha so hopefully I like them as much as double wear!!! I’m kinda convinced anything on this brand I’ll love lol.

MAC: LOVE prep & prime - best setting primer (as agreed with a of my friends and bloggers). Works so well. Also love this mac eyebrow brush I linked. It works great for filling them in and looking natural.


BUM BUM : This cream is LIFECHANGING. ACTUALLY tightens skin and reduces cellulite YAAAAS.

ISLE OF PARADISE: Currently using this self tanner and loving it! I have the purple color for the face tanning drops (I use 7 drops per tanning sesh on my face - twice a week). I use the body self tanner (purple color too) twice a week. I use the primer, then spray on the tanning solution, then rub it in with this mit!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this if you even did hahaha most times I just look through the pictures so totally understand if you don’t listen to me blab about all the products LOL. Hope you found a new product or 2 you are excited to try!!!

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