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14 Day Challenge x Pantene

14 Day Challenge x Pantene

Hi Friends!!!

I’m so excited to share with ya’ll my 14 Day Challenge experience with Pantene!! I have gotten so many questions throughout the whole journey, so I’m excited to wrap up all of my thoughts here for you guys!


Okay!!! So I decided to use the Sheer Volume Shampoo, Conditioner and Dry Shampoo for this journey. My hair has always lacked volume so I really wanted to accomplish that throughout this challenge. I’ve always loved Pantene’s products, so was excited to give this thing a shot!

A recent Yale University study found that 1 in 10 women have a great hair day regularly. Crazy right?! But we’ve all been there!!! Pantene wanted to challenge this with the 14 Day Challenge and give women more chances to experience great hair days.

I’ve had my share of bad hair days. Although it may have looked fine, my hair never felt fine!! Greasy, heavy, I never felt super confident with my hair on those days. So taking on this challenge was so worth it for me. If I can have more great hair days I’m IN. Because you can’t beat that feeling when your hair is looking FIRE.


BEFORE PICS. AH… Very greasy, this is 3 days after my shower..

Had Brandon take these because I wanted to show ya’ll the shape of my hair before I started using these products. Greasy (& easily GOT greasy), rough, tangled, dull, and no volume whatsoever. Definitely in need of a refresh.


This is my hair post FIRST shower using the Pantene products. wowowow. I was so surprised just after one wash (I expected it maybe to take a few days or so). The first picture holding up the products was right after I had showered using these products as well!

Overall, I noticed a difference with how smooth my hair felt and fullness. If you look back at my pics before my hair was very flat and dull. In the after photos, my hair looks full, healthy and textured!! I liked what I was seeing so far.


Ya’ll I was able to wait 6 DAYS until my next shower!!! AH! GREAT HAIR DAYS ARE HERE MY FRIENDS. The dry shampoo was definitely used, but my hair was still looking great! My hair is feeling super refreshed. I even took notes (HEHE took this very seriously lol). I noted that my hair felt fresh even on day 4! Which was already an improvement for me from my previous wash.


Feeling confident in your hair can change so many things. I took on this work week with a BANG feeling better than ever. I even took on a major change for me with all this confidence.. LONG HAIR!!


DAY 14 AND FEELING CONFIDENT AS EVER. LONG HAIR DON’T CARE, FRESH, CLEAN, VOLUMNIOUS. I’m one happy girl over here!! It’s crazy how much great hair can make you feel GREAT.


My friends if you are thinking of starting the 14 day challenge I highly recommend at least trying it! I mean who wouldn’t want less bad hair days, and more great hair days?!

Feeling confident as ever, and ready to take on anything that comes my way!!! Thankful for Pantene and more GREAT hair days!!!!

To see more exclusive videos throughout the process, check out my Pantene 14 Day Challenge highlight on my IG!!

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This is a sponsored conversation with Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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