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Hi Friends!!!

As a lot of you may know I recently got Botox for the first time ever!!! EEK!! I was so scared going into it but knew for the longest time I wanted to try it!

Long story short, I am SO glad I decided to put my fears aside and go for something I knew I wanted! Botox can be a subject that some people get weird about, but so many people are genuinely interested and don’t know where to go to get answers!!!

Well friends, I am here for you!!!! With the help of my Botox gal Meagan Reguera - - she has been doing this forever and is SO TALENTED at what she does. The only one I will let touch my face haha! If you are in Arizona - make the drive for her SHE IS WORTH IT!!!!! She is located in Paradise Valley, AZ. Don’t settle on someone working on your face!

My Start with Botox

I started just a few weeks ago with my journey with botox as I mentioned. I had been wanting to make the leap and start for actually a few years, because I heard Botox is preventative so I always heard the saying “The age you start, is the age you stay” - wow love that HAHA.

BUT - I was so nervous. Does it hurt?! What do I even GET?! Will I look not natural?! How expensive is it/will I be able to keep up with it?! All of those normal questions I got SO many DM’s about. So I did my research and heard amazing things about Meagan! Ya’ll…. make sure you do your research and get someone who is LEGIT and has had a ton of experience. Pretty self explanatory, but make sure you don’t settle!


I went in to my first appointment pretty open to what Meagan wanted to do. I trust her expert opinion obviously WAY more than my own! She decided that the best thing to start off with was my forehead! I tend to have lines in my forehead because I can get pretty expressive when talking hahaha. ANYWAYS. She decided that this would be best for me to start off with and keep that flawless forehead look!

So painless, so easy. I literally think extractions or a shot at the doctor hurts more hahaha! Can’t believe I was freaking out about that for so long. When it was over, I was like “Was that it?!” Seriously so painless!


For my next treatment I decided to do Kybella. Kybella essentially dissolves chin fat giving you that perfect defined jawline. No more double chins AND best part: after only 1 treatment (or a few depending on how your chin is) it lasts FOREVER!!! YASS.

I had always wanted Kybella. But again - was always so scared it would hurt!!!! Wow I sound like such a BABY HAHA! But seriously!!! Always wanted that defined jawline, but was worried about the pain.

Well let me tell ya’ll it didn’t even hurt as bad as i pictured it in my head and I’m SO glad I put my fears aside to do something that I really wanted!!! Also I was numbed for the whole process so the only pain was really just a little prick and me just thinking about those needles haha! I’m actually working on a vlog of the whole procedure which includes - getting it done, and also the aftermath days of it swelling & the finished product!

Okay, now that we’ve kind of discussed the basics of what I got done and that it was hardly painful. Let’s get to the Q&A’s!!

Q: How much does it cost?!

Starting preventative Botox early is an investment in your skin. The longer you let fine lines set in, the longer it can take to get rid of them down the road. Failure to treat these lines as they begin to appear early can result in these lines being “ironed in place”. Botox is very affordable these days. A common misconception is that it’s pricey or a luxury treatment that only celebrities can afford. You won’t know the cost of achieving the results you desire until you get evaluated by the expert- Meagan Reguera RN BSN CANS.  She can develop a customized and affordable plan for each patient.

Q: What age should I start getting preventative Botox??

I think the sooner the better! Early 20’s?? You want to start getting it done before those lines appear and not after. Which is one of the common misconceptions with botox; that you have to get it done AFTER you have crazy lines. It’s actually the other way around!

Q: How much was what you got done?

$204. This is the average price for beginner Botox!

Q: How often do you have to get it done?

Each person is different. Treatments usually last 3-6 months.

Q: I’m scared of Botox because some celebrities have scary & stiff looking faces. Is that from Botox?

Great question. Scary looking celebs are both injector and product related. Too much of anything is never good. Starting small with Botox and filler is the best way to keep your natural look. Also, when you walk into your injector's office, take a look around at the employees. If they look natural, then chances are you will too. If they look overdone- that may not be the place for you. Many different products can be injected where they shouldn't be by injectors who don't continue with their education. This is why you need to really research who is the best in your area!  

Q: How do you go about doing research/finding out who to go to?

Instagram, Google, word of mouth. And even then, look at the office employees and interview your injector. Just because you walk in an office, doesn't mean you need to get treatment if you feel uncomfortable or don't trust your provider. If you don't live in the Arizona area you can DM @the_age_eraser and ask if she can recommend someone near you. She has many trusted colleges around the country!!

Q: What is it inserting when you do it? I’m always a little nervous about bad chemicals.

Botox was FDA approved in 2002 and is safe for almost everyone. There are no harmful chemicals in Botox and adverse reactions to the cosmetic use of Botox are extremely rare. People with ALS, Myasthenia Gravis, or Lambert-Eaton Syndrome should talk to their provider prior to treatment as they have increased risks for side effects.

Q: Would Botox help acne prone skin at all? I’ve also heard it helps with Migraines??

Botox has been proven to help with migraines and most insurances will help cover the cost. Many offices do not accept insurance so call in advance to find out if your provider does. As for acne prone skin, Botox does tend to help, although it is not considered a treatment for acne, nor is it FDA approved for this use.

Q: You talk a lot about your faith on here. Do you think getting botox goes against your beliefs?

Absolutely not. I personally believe that unless I’m obsessing over it and I’m putting it before God THEN i think it would be against my beliefs, but that’s not the case! I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with smoothing out my forehead lol. To me, I compare it with going to a dermatologist/getting a facial, spray tanning or even getting my hair done! Just enhancing my natural beauty ya know?!

I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with that! I’m a Christian and love Jesus more than anything, but I believe I can still enhance my outward appearance lol!

BUT I do think everyone is different and if it’s against your conscious don’t do it!

Hope this helped answer your questions about botox! Happy Friday friends!

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