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FAV Vital Proteins Products

FAV Vital Proteins Products

Hi friends!!

I got to try tons of Vital Proteins products, so I’ve spent the last few weeks trying them out (Brandon has too hehe) and I’ve finally figured out my favorites! Also will be linking my favorites below for ya’ll!


My favorite product hands down that I recieved! My personal favorite flavor is the Mocha, then the Vanilla. Usually I am a die hard vanilla fan, but I don’t know something about the Mocha flavor is just boommbb.

I haven’t tried the Coconut flavor yet, but want to & linked it for you guys! I like this better than any of the VP products I’ve tried because it actually tastes GOOD. So if you’re going to get anything to get your daily collagen in - LISTEN TO ME LOLLL get this!!


My second favorite VP products! These shots are AMAZING and I love how many different options there are! I linked them above - FYI they are on sale & it’s not $36 for one shot, it’s for the whole box. :)

My favorite one if I had to choose would definitely be the Sleep Shots (they are Brandon’s fav too). They work WONDERS. I don’t sleep very well and it’s super important for me to get a well rested sleep, so these are amazing for that!

My other favorites in order are - Glow, Defense, Cleanse (Cleanse last mostly just because I’m not crazy about the taste lol). I’ve linked the other ones as well - I haven’t been able to try them yet though!


Love these pills for a beauty boost!! I just need to be better at taking them lol. Story of my LIFE with any kind of pill hahaha.

These are amazing to have your daily collagen intake without the calories and to get that added beauty boost!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any questions as per usual! xx

Walmart Makeup Finds x

Walmart Makeup Finds x