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Walmart Makeup Finds x

Walmart Makeup Finds x

Hi friends!!!

Hope you guys are having an AMAZING Monday! I’ve just been over here cranking out the blog posts before my trip to Seattle #stressed/anxiety HAHA jk. jk. On the real though, it’s hard getting out of my groove so trying to get some content up for ya’ll before I go!

I decided to do my favorite “drugstore” or Walmart Makeup Finds on here for ya’ll! Love finding makeup that works amazing and almost all under $10, we LOVE that! So listing all of them below where you can shop the links - enjoy! xx

Stationery Sale Tumblr Graphic.jpg

Just a few INCREDIBLE items on here that you need to make sure to grab -

MAKEUP BLENDER - This works WAY better than beauty blender and is only $4! It’s the only one I’ll use!

NYX ULTIMATE EYESHADOW - NYX actually has AMAZING eyeshadow products - they blend sooooo well. I like better than my urban decay.

NYX MATTE LIPPIE - Amazing. Have owned quite a few of those and they work great

NYX CONCEALER - Also a great inexpensive concealer

Have fun enjoying these products and saving TONS of money (vs. buying other beauty products ya know?! Lol). Happy Monday friends!

FAV Vital Proteins Products

FAV Vital Proteins Products