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Hi Friends!!!

I took a poll yesterday asking what you guys wanted to see for today’s blog post and about 90% of you said Designer Dupes - so here we go haha!!!

I spent all morning (and honestly I have been looking since the beginning of January as well) at great Designer Dupes to share with you all.

I love sharing these similar styles because lets be real, as much as we may all WANT designer - we can’t all afford it!! Like I’m saving up for a Chloe bag right now that is USED and it’s STILL breaking my bank HAHAHAA. It was so hard to stay disciplined saving while looking at all these cute dupes that look - THE SAME.

Anyways, I’m venting. I’m also not a good saver hahahaha. ANYWAYS LADIES/GENTS. the dupes are below!! I’ll be separating them based on price range. & just a PSA I heard from my sweet friend Melissa @alwaysmeliss that this dupe gucci belt LEGIT looks real. So. Def consider that - I already ordered!! Eek!

$25 & UNDER




Hope you guys enjoyed this post & happy Friday!! To never miss a post make sure to subscribe on my homepage! xoxo

NEW x Something Navy February Collection

NEW x Something Navy February Collection

BEST spot for Denim xx

BEST spot for Denim xx