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BEST spot for Denim xx

BEST spot for Denim xx

Hi Friends!!!

Ya’ll I get so many questions on where I love to buy my jeans & also where to get inexpensive, but WELL MADE jeans!!! I’m sharing all the tea for you my friends below on a recent pair I just got!!

Okay friends, lets talk JEANS. When It comes to my jeans I look for a few certain things that are important to me. I look for the style (obviously), fit, quality and price. As I said before, I get a lot of questions on jeans and I only really like to recommend those that fit all of these categories.

I have found that jeans from Topshop fit all of these categories for me!!! I’ve bought for YEARS from them and still swear by them.


First things first. SIZING. Topshop has all waist sizes from 24-36, and also make all of their jeans with petite and tall ranges!! And when it comes to style, let’s be honest… I trust Topshop when it comes to style HAHA. They always have what I’m looking for whether it’s trendy or basic jeans I need.

Fit is so important. I don’t know how they get their jeans to fit so well but they just DO! it’s crazy, because I expect that out of $300 jeans, but these jeans are inexpensive and fit SO WELL. Seriously. I have worn their brand in denim for years because the fit just sculpts everyone’s body so well!!

Topshop even has a Jeans Fit Guide that explains each pair of jeans in depth so you can get a better grip!! Linking below if you want to catch a look! Such a good page to look at especially if you’re buying online!

Jeans Fit Guide


I keep blabbing about the quality, but YA’LL. If you don’t believe me, Topshop even does individual wearer trials for their denim to ensure they produce the best pair of jeans. LOVE THAT WHAT!!!

All of their denim starts at just $65!! Crazy how you can get TRENDY, STYLISH, GREAT QUALITY jeans for such an inexpensive price!!

So much behind the fit and quality of these jeans. But I seriously love these jeans!!! i would also never recommend a pair or brand to you guys that I didn’t love!! I’ve attached the link below for the jeans I am wearing here!! I’m wearing a size 26!

Shop these Jeans

Okay guys, I have linked this WHOLE outfit for ya’ll (and super affordable as always which we LOVE). I have been wearing this bag with everything and this sweater on repeat!!! I have also gotten so many compliments on these tortoise chunky earrings!!

Shop the Look

And of course my friends I have a coupon page for you to make the deal even better!!! Linking it below so make sure to take advantage of it!!!

Coupon Page

Love you all!! Hope you enjoyed this post!!! Please dm me if you have any questions at all!!!


*This post is in collaboration with Topshop and Stylinity