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Sweater Weather x Joe Jeans

Sweater Weather x Joe Jeans

Ya’ll sweater weather is finally here!!!

I’m transitioning out of all my summer dresses and pulling out the coats & jeans!! I wanted to hop on here and introduce you guys to a pair of my new FAVORITE jeans for this season! They work so well with everything & wanted to give you guys a closer look!

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Guys I am hooked. I got these Joe’s Jeans and honestly have been wearing them with every outfit HAHA. This sort of skinny jean with the holes in the knee is SUPER popular right now so I had been looking to get my hands on a pair!

I pieced together a few different outfits in these jeans to show you how versatile & trendy they are! I’ve been styling these with anything from a simple sweater and booties to adding a big coat or adding a hat and mules. They’re so fun to mix and match with for everyday fall wear! They’ve definitely become my fall staple piece!

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Okayyyyy the fit of these jeans is actually so good. They are SO soft and sculpt your curves and figure! I swear it sucks in things at the right places and just makes everything overall look GOOD. Haha! They are high waisted, which I prefer for my jeans! And I can definitely tell by the quality that these will last me a long time. I love investing in a good pair of jeans that I know I will get my use out of!

From dressing up with these jeans to dressing down for coffee with friends, I have loved making these Joe’s Jeans my go-to staple piece for fall! Trust me you guys will not be disappointed!

I also have coupon page with discount codes for those of you itching to get a pair!

Click here to see the page: COUPON PAGE

Click on the photos above to shop these jeans!

AH!! Love these jeans! Hope you guys are getting excited about fall wear and finding your perfect pair of Joe’s Jeans as your staple piece! Ya’ll won’t regret it!

Thank you for reading this post and as always if you have any questions feel free to email or DM me!

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This post is in collaboration with Joe’s Jeans and Stylinity

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