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Chic & Comfortable for On-The-Go Gals x Kenneth Cole

Chic & Comfortable for On-The-Go Gals x Kenneth Cole

Hello friends!!

SO I’m sure you boss babes/business women out there can relate. We have to look the part but don’t want to sacrifice our comfort! I often let fashion override comfort because let’s be real.. not all shoes/jeans/you name it - in the fashion industry is that comfortable. Well FRIENDS! I found shoes that you NEED in your life!!

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A lot of my job in blogging is running around, going to events, photoshoots, or just even looking the part if I run into anyone! I feel like I’m ALWAYS “on” in my job.

I love that I’ve found a comfortable pair of shoes that are actually CUTE and work with my day to day running around.

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I’m gonna tell you guys about something called “The Rebound System”. When I say they’re comfortable it’s not just me saying that. It’s actually PROVEN!

  • These shoes have rubber injected soles that provide flexibility while still maintaining the dressy look (LOVE that)

  • The ball area of the shoes are lined with 2 millimeters of memory foam. 1 millimeter of memory foam is applied to the insole board. Another 3 millimeter foam is positioned across the heel for comfort and support!

  • And the final layer is a soft leather sock to create a smooth experience for every step!


First of all I would not wear these if they were not in style so you can trust me haha! What I love about these “Riley” shoes by Kenneth Cole is the simplicity to them. I’m very minimal, chic & effortless when it comes to my style. These are so clean cut and well made they work very well with neutral prone outfits! Since these shoes are so neutral they also would work well with most colors as well! Which is partially why I chose these shoes!

I love the smaller heel & pointed toe (that’s very “in” right now). And to be honest - this classy shoe look is timeless! Love that about these! They almost never go out of style so you can definitely get your use out of them!

These exact “Riley” shoes are also available in colors black and red. I’ll also link the other Riley styles below!

To see other Riley styles click here: RILEY STYLES

Click the photo’s above to shop these shoes!

I’ve also got discounts for you my friends!

To see the coupons & discount codes click here: DISCOUNT CODES

I’m feeling so empowered and ready to take on the city!!! Haha. Gotta love what a good pair of shoes can do. Hope ya’ll liked this post, if you have any questions make sure to send me a DM or email & let’s chat!! Love you all!

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This post is in collaboration with Kenneth Cole and Stylinity

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