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M I C R O   B L A D I N G 

HELLO ALL!!! The answers to all your questions are finally here!!! I am so excited to share my experience with Micro Blading & why I wish I would've known about & DONE IT sooner!!!!

Micro Blading is essentially a temporary tattoo on your brows!! Yes... it sounds intimidating right... that's what I thought too, but seriously it's so SO worth the time & money. 

WHY!!! Why I decided to get Micro Bladed!

EEEK well first just look how natural they look!!! This is immediately after I got them done (not filled in or anything!!!) 

Anyways, enough of me obsessing over my new brows lol. I decided to get Micro Bladed because I was sick of the way my brows looked! I had heard of Micro Blading but wasn't exactly sure what it was, who I would even go to, if I should take the risk, etc. 

I had never been a huge fan of my shape, there was always missing patches on my brows & I HATED always feeling like I had to fill them in with makeup!! 

That's why I decided to try it out. & let me tell you, it seems like a lot of $$ but it is 100% worth it. I would do it again in the heartbeat. I wake up with amazingly shaped & filled in brows that don't go away!!! 

Why you should go to Permanent Appeal over other places!!!

Permanent Appeal is Seattle and Bellevue's most highly sought after Microblading and Scalp Micropigmentation practice. They are highly recommended by medical professionals and some of the top plastic surgeons in Washington State!!

Permanent Appeal is located 2 blocks from the Bravern in Downtown Bellevue. They take a natural approach to all their clients and listen attentively to understand their desire.

Jacqueline started in Los Angeles and is frequently requested to travel to other locations in North America to perform her artistic skills in Microblading and SMP. Permanent Appeal is the local celebrities brow secret!!!

The Process!!

Okay so if I can do this, anyone can because I'm a baby. Basically you get there & Jacqueline is SO sweet. Literally one of my close friends now. She goes over with you the shape she'll give you so you can see how it will look before it gets done.

It's about a 1-2 hour process but goes by in a breeze! Basically what she does is take ink that matches your brow color & does little swift movements with the needle that look exactly like real brows!! So it just looks like you have more brows! Don't worry she'll numb you up!! 

She goes through your brows once doing those movements & then again over them 2-3 times. Then she wipes them all up & cleans you up & vwualah! You have perfect brows!! 

There is the "4 Stages of Microblading" card she gives you & that explains how it goes after you have them done!!! First they are darker than you expect (especially the next day) & feel like a sunburn! But honestly with them being dark, I didn't even mind them. I kind of liked it I felt so fierce hahahaha. Anyways, lol. The next week they are lighter than you expect & a bit patchy (again not bad though). They do start to peel, but you can't tell unless your close up!! The 3rd & 4th week is a breeze. You start to see it better & then you're 4th week you're ready to get them touched up!!!

Before & After

Okay it's kind of hard to see in the first pic (& I think they may have been filled in a little since I had makeup on) but you can kind of see!! They were just super light & patchy. I didn't care for the shape, but I can't control where my eyebrow hair grows lol!!! 

But looking at my after pic... ah. I just love them. Not that I'm not confident in myself & who I am, but I definitely felt way more confident knowing my brows were PERF. 

I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE MY NEW BROWS!!!! & love that I've gotten to share my experience with you guys so maybe you won't be nervous now if you decide to get yours done!!! 

$100 OFF

If you are interested in getting Microblading done make sure to mention my name at Permanent Appeal for $100 off!!

To see more or Contact/Visit:

Insta x @permanentappeal

Love you all & hope you enjoyed this post!!







Blush & Baby Blue's!!!

Blush & Baby Blue's!!!