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All whites ( + pink!! )

All whites ( + pink!! )

Wowowow. I get excited posting shoots that I absolutely LOVED. Hallie Kathryn everyone.. not only is she a beaut but she's a KILLER photographer!! Check out her website & social (@halliekathryn) !! Also to see her post on this shoot click HERE 

I recently attended the Neiman Marcus CUSP Fashion Panel event not too long ago & they told us all the upcoming trends for 2016 Winter season!! One of those being ALL WHITE!!! (Yes I was rejoicing as white is basically my fav color). 

But me being the girly girl I am naturally added my own little "spice" to this new trend... pink pink PINK! 

Let's talk about this Leather Jacket for a sec...

I wish I could tell you how many times I've worn it, but I just can't, I'm that in love. 

& for under $40?! Now that's real love!! Get it now HERE

Sweater x Forever 21

Jeans x Zara

& these pink bad babies!!! I sadly don't have a link for these, BUT I do have a little Nikki wisdom on where you can find shoes similar to these & great deals (for those of you who are constantly changing your shoe closet like me). 

Charlotte Russe!!! I got 2 pairs of heels for $40 !! They got the deals & some great finds! (also my poor pinky toe - please ignore lol). 

Well that's all the wisdom I have for now, sad I know ;) Stay tuned for my next shoot with Hallie & Jamie coming so so soon!!


Layerin' Up!!

Layerin' Up!!

Juju on that Beat!!!!

Juju on that Beat!!!!