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Juju on that Beat!!!!

Juju on that Beat!!!!

2016-09 Bellevue -18.jpg

*Overly squinting/smiling cause overly pumped for Old Town Bellevue & Jujubeet. I think I like begged my photographer if we could shoot in Old Town HAHA. I just love it so much I think it's adorable!!! & It worked perfectly that I had been obsessing over Jujubeet lately (which is in Old Town). 

2016-09 Bellevue -28.jpg

I love that I finally made it on the "Neck-tie train" as I like to call it. This was really what I wanted to focus on in this outfit & how you can twist a lil' street style in it (& my own personal style twist) !! 

Okay guys.. draping jackets is hard. BUT it's trendy so do it hahahaha. I swear walking around with whatever it may be; leather jacket, jean jacket, sweater, it's SO much harder. But oddly trendy, so just bear with the awkwardness of it & drape away!! 

(Ft. me looking as confused as ever, but what's new)

Body Suit x Forever 21

Jean Jacket x Mura Boutique

Joggers x Free People

Sneakers x Adidas 

Purse x Forever 21 

Drape away guys!!!! 

PC: February Violet Photography


All whites ( + pink!! )

All whites ( + pink!! )

Pretty n' Pink

Pretty n' Pink