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Pantry Organization x

Pantry Organization x

Hi friends!

Sharing on this blog post how I organized my pantry for less than $100!

I decided to organize my pantry because I was tired of it looking unorganized. Not to mention that organizing your pantry/fridge is such a trend right now. I wanted to share how you can organize yours for cheap! I’m so happy I made the leap to do so because ever since I did, my pantry looks cleaner, more organized and even fuller! Linking the exact items I used below!


Decided to use these cream large bins to keep my white home theme going! Also, I swear putting everything in containers just makes things look cuter!!! Haha. I linked the exact items that I ordered above.

The big bin I decided to use as my snack bin. Placing bags of chips, cookies, etc. in this bin makes it look more organized & put togethe!


The next shelf down, I placed my seeds, rice, pasta, granola, etc. in these mason jars to make it look more cohesive & cuter of course!!

I used the smaller cream baskets for other random items that wouldn’t go in mason jars. One for candy & protein bars, and the other for random little things I had laying around the pantry - oil, almond butter, etc.

On the shelf second to the bottom I placed extra mason jars, trays, and vases.

On the bottom shelf I used my last larger cream basket to store water bottles & my kitchen aid beside it. I have linked the exact cream baskets (small & large), along with the mason jars above!

Seems like an investment just for organizing a pantry, but honestly makes it feel so much more organized, cohesive, full and clean! So happy I made the leap and invested in this. Hope you all enjoyed this post - happy organizing!!

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