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How I cleared my Skin

How I cleared my Skin


Long time no talk ;) So I've been so excited to share this new product I've been testing out for about 3-4 months now. I wanted to make sure I loved it before I introduced you all to it! 



It's called Curology & basically what it is - Is an online dermatology provider and custom skincare company!! Like what. Why did I go in for all these years just to learn they have this stuff online?!? AND affordable!? 



You pay $20 a month (SO CHEAP I PAID LIKE $100 EVERY TIME FOR A DERMATOLOGIST PLUS THE MEDICINES). & once you do that you get an online dermatology provider who you tell about your skin, who you send in pictures to, etc. & he or she makes a CUSTOM formula for your skin. 



I mean it's pretty obvious why I love this lol. It's inexpensive, customized SPECIFICALLY for your skin, AND what I love is that you get to talk to your dermatology provider whenever!! If something's not working he or she will send you a new formula. 

This stuff will ACTUALLY clear your skin because it knows your skin & Dermatologist's know best OBVIOUSLY!!!!! I've seen a huge difference in my own skin - less acne, less dryness, it's just way more maintainable than anything I've used before.


You may be thinking "what did you have like 2 zits before now or something & that's it". Well, yes, but way more than 2 zits HAHA. It's easy to think all bloggers have clear skin & no problem but that's not the case at all. At least with my skin! 

I've had terrible scarring and acne since 8th grade & I saw a dermatologist that never fixed anything until college where I went on Accutane (if you don't know what accutane is it's a super intense medicine that clears your skin but it cost us $1,000 every month for 8 MONTHS. & you have to get your blood drawn every month & go & check in with doctors - it was pretty intense!!!) So yes I had TERRIBLE acne. & even after Accutane my zits still came back & I was like ok this is the last straw hahahaha. So if anyone knows what it really feels like to have acne, it's me!!! 


So this is me promoting this product - purely because I believe in it & love it. This is not an ad - this is me seriously just sharing what I wish I would've known about sooner! 

So make sure to check out Curology if you're still unsure use my code http://curolo.gy/nicolecarlson  to get your first month free!!! Hope this helped & please let me know if you have any more questions!!! Love ya'll!!!!


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