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My Current Beauty Products

My Current Beauty Products


eek! gotta love all the hair care!!! My favorite items are attached first. I think these ones are worth every penny - especially the curling iron, I use the same brand for the hair dryer as well!! I attached the more affordable (& still amazing ones!!!) on the bottom! 


this is my current makeup routine!!! I use all these products (besides i only use the marble sonia kashuk brushes - but I'm going to get that other set soon!!!) Also I apply my liquid makeup withe the clarisonic & the makeup brush head - it gives it the most FLAWLESS finish!!! 


I have so many RANDOOOOM favorite products that I had to list!!! Some of my faves is the revitalash products!!! Also the clarisonic products - I have the smart profile, the tiny mini clarisonic, the makeup brush head, the cleansing brush heads AND the firming brush heads (I know I'm crazy for having so many but I love them!!!). 

Yay! Hope you guys liked this post informing you on my LATEST FAV products I use!!! Hope it was helpful & hope you like them too!!! Of course if you're on the edge about something please please let me answer any questions you have!!! Happy Tuesday!! 


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How I cleared my Skin

How I cleared my Skin