AH!!!! I can hardly believe I'M MARRIED!! I'M A MRS!!!! I can't wait to show you guys some of our FAV pics & memories from the best day of our lives! 

Wedding Decor

EEK! So fun looking back at these even though it was just 2 months ago!! Our colors were white, beige & an accent color of gold - I wanted it really classy & clean!! We decided white flowers (& of course some added greenery!!), white rose petals, clear cylinder glasses with candles, & lots of cute string lights!!

We wanted a super fun party environment & so instead of a sit down dinner we had cocktails, appetizers being served, a popcorn bar, and a smore's bar & of course cake ;) 

The Ceremony

Okay I'm bias but seriously I thought my ceremony was perfect HAHA. It was everything I dreamed of & Brandon cried when I walked down the aisle so that was just another plus ;) PS. I wasn't emotional AT ALL the day of - (I had one meltdown the day before but that was it) UNTIL my dad said it was time to walk down the aisle I FREAKED HAHA. He was like "Can I pray with you before we walk down?" (so sweet :') ) but my emotional self was like "NO I'LL CRY IF YOU DO THAT" Hahahhahahahahahahaha. BUT I held it in & didn't cry ;) #emotionalprobs

We had Pastor Colby from our church (The City Church - now called Churchome) do our ceremony & it was so perfect! Him & Megan did our premarital counseling so it was so special to have them there for us!!

The Wedding Party


So thankful for this man & the love we share. For those of you who don't know we met at City Church - we started talking when I asked my followers on Instagram for a good coffee shop in Portland & Brandon dm'd me one (& later on told me he had no idea & just yelped it HAHA). ANYWAYS. We started talking & going on dates. From our first date at 8oz Burger to going to the mall as dates Brandon was always the funniest, most joyful & respectable man I had ever met. 

He told me on our 3rd date his intentions & that he wanted to date me. He met weekly with my dad & told me he didn't want to kiss me until he loved me. And he did just that!! Through long distance of me in Portland and him in Seattle (where I would drive up every single weekend no joke). To breaking up for 1 week cause we realized we couldn't stand to be apart for even that long. To us waiting until marriage to share that special moment together, it had always been Brandon.

I love this man so much & love his love for Jesus more. Ladies, find yourself a man who will treat you like this & nothing less!! I'm so thankful I did. 

The AFTER PARTY aka Reception

Q & A

"How did you make sure hair, makeup, & everything was flawless? Sometimes your hair doesn't wanna work with ya you know?

HAHA I definitely feel that one girl, my hair never wants to work with me lol. I would say just make sure from the get-go you know what you want and are honest with your makeup/hair stylist. If you don't like something that they've demo'd don't be afraid to say something (because I know I can get scared to hurt their feelings!!) But it's your day! Give yourself tons of time all day long to perfect it (don't even give your hair an option to act out lol!!!) It will be great I'm sure :) - but I definitely worried about that too!

"What's your favorite part of the wedding besides the I do's?"

For sure the dance party!!!! And walking down the aisle was so amazing and emotional too. All of it was seriously the most perfect day!!

"What's your recommendations, what made you choose the place you got married at and the ceremony, and how to balance a wedding budget for young people!"

Honestly, we were on a super tight budget for the wedding!!! We did the whole wedding for $10,000 so a lot of the vendors & decisions to be made were based on kind of the cheapest/cutest thing we could find!!! But why I chose the venue we did was because the rooftop was incredible! I really wanted a rooftop party & so Within Sodo was perfect for us! 




The AMAZING Marsa at the Robert Leonard Salon Seattle - she does everything for my hair so she had to do my wedding hair of course!!


Face Makeup - ME!! I know the way I like my face makeup so I figured I'd do that part myself!! (I'll link my favorite face products I used!) Dez Marie Stovall did my eye makeup, she's done it forever for me so she was perfect!!!


I actually borrowed both of my dresses from friends to save money! My ceremony dress was my dream dress! I went to her wedding in 11th grade and wanted to get a dress exactly like hers, who would've known I would get to wear the exact one!! I'm unsure the brand/where my ceremony dress was purchased.

My reception dress was borrowed as well & is "Grace Loves Lace". It was absolutely perfect for a celebration dress!!


Within Sodo 


CMS Floral located in Des Moines. She's amazing!! I definitely would recommend booking her for your next event. Contact me for her info. 


RJ Calligraphy Co - Rjcalligraphyco.etsy.com


Poppi Photography - poppiphoto.com

& also thank you to Laura Gedeon Photography for snapping some pics at our reception!! - lauragedeonphotography.com


Deena Haynes - contact me if you'd like her info!! 

Thank you for everyone who made this day so special! Best day of my life, thank you all for following along!! 


Nicole Carlson