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Victoria Emerson SALE

Victoria Emerson SALE

Hi friends!!!

Happy Thursday hope it’s going GREAT for ya’ll!! Wanted to pop on here real fast to let you guys know about Victoria Emerson AND an amazing sale they have going on this weekend!!!


If you have not heard of Victoria Emerson before, they have some of the most beautiful wrap bracelets that people have been going crazy for lately!!! Everything from wrap bracelets, to cuff bracelets, to boho, and even some necklaces! So many different styles for any occasion - but my favorite are definitely the everyday casual style ones!

The sale they are running for this weekend only is for buy one get one FREE. Which is practically saving $50 since this wrap cuff I’m wearing is $50 right ;). You’re like Nikki I’m not sure that’s how it works haha. BUT who doesn’t want the price of 1 for 2 bracelets?!


Just linked this cuff that I have above for ya’ll and it’s currently ALSO on sale for $35 instead of $50. I’m in love with this bracelet! I dressed it up a bit, but it’d be super cute just to add to a skinny outfit & sweater kind of outfit to give it some “pazazz” ya know?! Not a word again, but it’s gonna be for this post.


Linking this simple white bracelet that I have from them as well that is only $32! I like this one for a simpler not as bold look. Also goes with more since it doesn’t have many bold patterns/colors.


Listing some other favorites above! But anyways, long story short to say that you should shop this sale! This bracelets are great, and sales from them only come around every once in awhile so take advantage of it! Their jewelry is great so you really can’t go wrong.

Enjoy the sale, enjoy your TWO bracelets, and thanks for reading!! xx

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