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Dressing up with Martina Liana x

Dressing up with Martina Liana x

Hi Friends!!

I had thee BEST time getting to dress up in some beautiful wedding gowns the other day! I am so excited to finally spill all the photos and dish all the details out on these dream dresses. If you are getting married soon, or someday, or even if you are looking to renew your vows - keep reading!!!!


I love that I get to share all things fashion with you all, so I figured that should include fashion for the soon-to-be bride as well! I was so excited when I got invited into Bella Lily Bridal to look / try on the Martina Liana Fall 2019 Collection. Ya’ll should know what wedding dresses you NEED to at least try on when your special day comes!

I will be sharing all of the styles below along with details on the brand, the fit, and other things I was shocked by when I tried these dresses on!


First of all.. UM STUNNING. This dress is so insanely beautiful!!!!! What’s funny is that I didn’t know if I’d like this dress because it’s not my usual choice (I’m more of a “mermaid” girl). So this light and airy A-Line silhouette was definitely different for me. But I tried this on and WOW. I love.

The fit was just PERFECT. and that V - back detailing?! Hellloooo! Everything on this gown was so delicately made with couture finishes and high end materials.

This gown had a V-back and a V-neckline with organic lace detailing. It definitely had an elevated bohemian vibe which I love. Definitely unique, and was very light and airy; layered with French lace and Tulle bodice.

Find this dress at a store near you: HERE


Next dress allll the heart eyes!!! I really loved V neckline organic lace detailing, I’m smaller chested so I loved how flattering all of Martina’s dresses complemented that!

This skirt of this dress is a full, tulle A-line skirt. I wish you guys could see this in person because the detailing is incredible. There is bugle beads and sequins all throughout, and I love how the dress didn’t feel heavy when I had it on. It was so light and airy! These are truly designer made dresses and you can TELL with the quality. EEK! So luxurious!!

Find this dress at a store near you: HERE


Okay not to be bias buuuuutt…. I think this one was my favorite!!! AH! It had such a flattering figure to it and I loved the sweetheart neckline with the drapey, off-the-shoulder sleeves. I’m like Brandon can we get married again or renew our vows yet so I can wear this?! Haha!

Also, the back is so unique with its ruching and those sheer side cutouts that extend into a sheer back - GORGEOUS. The effortless shaping that all of these dresses have work wonders for anyone who try them on!

Find this dress at a store near you: HERE


This was definitely one of my favorites as well.. Ok I say that about every dress haha, but seriously!!! This was my second favorite. I’m in love with the train, if you look close you’ll see the elaborate lace detailing, it’s so beautiful! There is also linear lines that extend down the flared tulle skirt. It is easy to tell these gowns are designer made by these couture finishes. They are seriously incredible!!

And my favorite part of this dress - the sheer bodice at the top that exposes boning. I’ve always loved dresses like this and loved getting to wear this beauty!

Find this dress at a store near you: HERE


Okay you guys.. just pause for a second and LOOK at this back detail!! On this dress there is a mix of scrolling lace and lattice work; there is hand-placed lace throughout the whole gown. I love how dramatic this look is! I never thought I would be into a high neck but I was obsessed!

All I’m saying is if you wrote off high neck dresses, definitely reconsider having a high neck dress or at least try this beauty on. I think you’ll be shocked at how flattering it is!

Find this dress at a store near you: HERE

Trying on these dresses was not only so much fun, but actually so special for me because when I was a bride I didn’t get a chance to go dress shopping. Long story short, but we were on a super tight budget so I ended up borrowing both of my wedding dresses.

I had always wanted to go wedding dress shopping so this was kind of nostalgic for me in a way! I’d like to think that I would’ve chosen one of these beautiful Martina Liana dresses if I had the chance!

Why Martina Liana?

I don’t think I need to prove this much, because her dresses speak for themselves. I believe in this brand so much. Everything from the fit, to the quality of each and every dress. They are designer made and each with high end materials. Every dress is made to give the bride an exceptional fit and a sense of confidence on her special day.

Which is exactly what I felt when I tried on these dresses. The way they fit so beautifully gave me a sense of confidence. Like I said I don’t need to prove these dresses, once you try them on they will speak for themselves!

The best part about these dresses is that there are hundreds of stores with the Martina Liana brand available worldwide!!

Thank you all for reading this blog! As always please let me know if you have any questions about these dresses; I would love to chat! Have a great week friends!!! xoxo


This post is in collaboration with Martina Liana

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