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Fall Hollister Finds x

Fall Hollister Finds x

Hi friends!

Hope you all are having a great day so far! Okay so I’m so excited to be partnering with Hollister on this blog post! To be honest, Hollister was my GO-TO in middle school / high school, so this is so cool to me!!! For real though, all of my money would go towards Hollister and it had to have the “bird” logo on everything I wore so people would knowwww it was Hollister. LOL!! Gotta love high school & middle school haha!!

In all seriousness though, I have LOVED my finds at Hollister! Hollister is BACK my friends! Not just for middle schoolers/high schoolers. I like to think I’m pretty picky and I’ve loved everything I have bought from them so far. They have some really cute stuff! Also everything I’ve gotten is amazing quality for a great deal, so love that too.

I’m going to be sharing some photos below of items I purchased, as well as some sweaters & denim for back-to-school; or just for fall clothes in general! Their denim is AMAZE btw. Fits super well, tons of different styles, and there’s a major sale on them! Okay enough of me blabbing, linking some clothes below! Enjoy! xx


So you guys know my obsession with a simple white bodysuit paired with denim. I’m always on the lookout for a good bodysuit or simple top in general just because (well I love the look), and it’s a great staple to own! It makes pairing with items so much easier! You can always wear it plain, add a cardigan, scarf, so many options! Linking above this bodysuit and another tank top I love that I purchased! Both are only $15!


But honestly, the showstopper is their JEANS. So many cute styles, everything from these skinny blue denim jeans to distressed, to white & black, boyfriend fit, love em all!

It’s also hard to find a pair of jeans that suck in at the right places and plump at the other right places lol! Even better is that they’re only $29 which is an insanely good deal! I wanna stock up on all the different styles to have for this fall! I’ll link the exact pair I’m wearing above and then other ones that I love below! Grab em’ while they’re on sale!!


So cute right?! Last thing I wanted to share with you guys is my favorite tops & sweaters! I scouted out the whole site and I’m linking my favorites below!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! In short, Hollister is BACK and i’m pumped about it. Thanks for reading! xx

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