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6 Must Have Staple Jeans

6 Must Have Staple Jeans

Hi Friends!!

I get so many questions on these 2 pairs of jeans that I wear so I figured I’d just let you guys know whats up in this blog! Sharing my 2 favorite jeans that I get questions about DAILY and sharing basic staple jeans that are the only jeans you need for your closet to keep it minimal and easy!!


The first pair!!! These are my most asked about jeans and let’s be real, I definitely wear these jeans the most HAHA. I get so many questions about the exact style, how much, if it’s worth it, etc. I am wearing a size 26 and I am a TRUE size 26. This brand of jeans fits me like a GLOVE. Sucks in at the right places and all that jazz if you know what I’m sayin’.

They are $178 but 100% worth it. I’ve worn them seriously every day. This is my favorite brand for jeans. Such great material, so comfy - look GENUINELY NICE. They are a little loose but not too loose. I’m in love!! I’ve attached the exact pair below with all sizes still available for ya’ll!


My other pair of most asked about jeans, and I mean they should be.. aren’t they just so cute?? Love this pair (and actually made by the same brand as the other pair - no wonder I like it so much hehe). Love the ends of this pair. Again, the material is so nice. A great staple piece to have. There is no holes in this pair which helps when you’re going for a different look.

I got a 26 as well in these and they fit me like a glove. Loose enough to be stylish, but still tight. Just obsessed. This pair is $198 but so worth it, I would totally buy them over again haha! I’ve attached the exact pair below. All sizes are still available except 23. These two styles tend to sell out fast so grab em while you can!


Okay friends. Let’s talk about basic jeans you NEED for every outfit. For me, I like to have some boyfriend pairs (since I wear those most with outfits), a black pair, a white pair, and a dark blue skinny pair (for simpler outfits with sweaters & stuff).

When I have these 6 pairs of jeans, I feel like I can conquer pretty much any outfit and have the right pair of jeans for the job. Sometimes I like having flared jeans or other fun pairs - but I just want to share with you guys 6 pairs of staple jeans that you can get the MOST use out of!!!

I shared with you 2 of my boyfriend jeans above that I love. I’m going to share with you one more pair i love below!


Okay these used to be my FAV. And I still love them and wear them to mix it up a bit, but I love my above jeans just a bit more. They don’t sell this exact style anymore, they redid them a bit - they are called the Levi’s 501 crop & this is the new version of them that I linked below. I also linked the REDONE version, a bit more, but look super cute!!! I’m wearing a size 26!


Okay next, my basic dark blue skinny pair!!!! EEEk. Love these one’s so much. They fit like a GLOVE my friends. They are only $100 right now too so like $85 off!! Such a good staple piece for more simpler outfits. We love these ones. I’m actually wearing them right now as we speak hehe. I’ve attached the exact pair on sale below! Wearing size 26 again.


Okay next, a white pair!!! Everyone needs a good white pair of jeans. I’ve found getting skinny white jeans I’m able to use my white pair a bit more over looser fitting white jeans. I absolutely love the free people ones with the holes in the knee but they are sold out everywhere so sad.

This pair is a little pricey and I don’t think they make this exact pair anymore (by L’agence). But I’ve linked some other SUPER cute white pairs that you’ll be able to use with so many things!!! I actually really like the $88 pair I linked. A great buy for a not very expensive price!


I’ve worn this black skinny ripped pair for YEARS you guys. That’s why I believe so much in investing in a nice pair of staple jeans. You can wear them over and over for years. Such a great investment so get yourself a nice pair. It will be worth it in the long run I PROMISE YOU. i would never steer you wrong ;).

These are “James Jeans Twiggy Dancer” But no longer made!!! Since I’ve had them for 2 years it kinda makes sense lol. So I’ve attached super similar pairs that you can wear forever too!! I’m usually not a fan of more inexpensive jeans - these $78 ones. But i’ve found Topshop jeans to actually be REALLY nice.

Love you all!! Hope this post helped on your journey to a simpler, easier closet!!