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My Favorite Accessory x Ally Denovo

My Favorite Accessory x Ally Denovo

Hi Friends!!! 

Happy Monday! Figured I'd kick off my Monday with a little... I mean a TOOON of coffee!! 

I'm so excited to share with you guys my current GO TO accessory for these past few months my Ally Denovo watch. I'm sure you guys have seen posts on my instagram of this BEAUTIFUL watch. But, I figured I'd share a blog post on why specifically I love this watch so much! 

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I LOVE this simplicity, yet depth of this watch. It's so classy - not over the top but very unique! It has white marble surrounded by black marble. Ya'll know how much I love marble ;) so that honestly was my #1 reason for loving the design of this watch hahahaha. 

The simple black band is SO sleek, so comfortable and you can tell the quality of this watch is next level!!! If I wear a watch every day, I want it to be amazing quality!!

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Like HOW BEAUTIFUL is the design of this watch?! Not only the design but the high quality. I love the white and black together because it is so easy to pair with my neutral outfits! 

The fit of the watch is so comfortable as well! I always forget it's on. So sleek & not heavy at all! 

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How I like to style this watch!!! My most favorite way to style this watch is with classier outfits. This white and black blazer is perfect with this minimal watch. 

I avoid wearing this watch when I'm not wearing white or black - because I think the colors clash too much. But neutrals are perfect to pair with.

Denim and white and black is my favorite way to wear this watch!! 


But let's be honest, even when I'm dressing down this watch still comes on my wrist!!! White sweater and leggings is another favorite way of mine to style this watch! 


If you can't tell friends, I'm clearly obsessed!!! Me and this baby like to go everywhere together!! Hahahaha. 

Get your own Ally Denovo watch here x

You won't regret it!!!!  Love you all! Until next time! 

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