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My Active DAILY Lifestyle x Soffe Athletic Clothing

My Active DAILY Lifestyle x Soffe Athletic Clothing


I just wanted to hop on the blog midweek and give ya'll some motivation! I get tons of questions about what my daily workout routine looks like, if it's even a daily thing, and what keeps me motivated!!! So hereeee we go!! 


x Soffe Athletic Clothing


I do try to work out on a daily basis! Some days are running and weights; other days are taking a  long walk to the coffee shop!!! Some days this does not happen, but I try to make this a daily thing! 

What Does Your Gym Routine Look Like?

I try to keep it pretty simple! I go back & forth between these days

1. arms + cardio - A typical arms + cardio day for me includes my choice of arm & cardio workouts! Pretty simple right? I look on pinterest for most of my arm workouts and just try to do them as much as my little (whimpy lol) arms can handle! I use around 8lbs to start off & will go lower in weight if I'm dying! My cardio on this day is doing the elliptical/treadmill and I stop once I've burned 200 calories. 

2. legs + cardio - For legs I also look up workouts on pinterest! I love the kettlebell, various squats & lately I've been working hard on those inner thigh workouts!! Hello summer you are coming way too fast HAHA). I do a lot of lunges too! For cardio, I do the same cardio workout that I do on arms day. 

3. just cardio - Love hate relationship with this day lol. I've been liking cardio more recently actually because I've been finding ways to spice it up! Typically for cardio day I will either do 200+ on the elliptical/treadmill, or SoulCycle, walk around Capitol Hill, lately I've even been running to go get a spray tan! Haha, it hasn't been bad actually!!! 

What Does Your Diet Look Like on a Daily Basis?

I know I post a lot about cookies & sweet treats, but I actually do LOVE eating healthy!! Here's some examples of what I eat on a daily basis! (currently trying to be somewhat dairy free also)

breakfast - multigrain bread with almond butter, green smoothie, oatmeal, greek yogurt & granola

lunch - salad with chicken & a light dressing, roasted veggies, leftovers (LOL), half sandwich & some side, lean cuisines (don't judge I love them), any frozen low calorie foods!!! I aim for around 300 cal per meal

dinner - whole wheat noodles & some low cal sauce, steak, salmon, shrimp lettuce wraps, we usually have some sort of meat for dinner with brown rice, salad, or roasted veggies

Snacks/Dessert - boom chicka pop, smart pop, halo top, pressed juicery freezes, mini frozen twix (I keep thing in the freezer and whenever I crave something sweet I just take one - it's so small it doesn't really count right ;) , toast with almond butter, carrots + hummus, small salad + low cal dressing, cookies - but I only take a small piece!!! So I can still have the cookie and not deprive myself, but I don't eat the whole thing! 


What Keeps You Motivated? x Soffe 

Well first off, I think everyone just wants to look & feel good right??? That's definitely it for me! I feel 10x better when I feel & look good! 

Guys.. new workout clothes is an AWESOME motivation!!! Set goals & reward yourself with some cute activewear! It works trust me ;) 

EX: I just got these cute new Soffe Mesh Leggings and Jacket. I love that I am investing in my activewear wardrobe because that makes me WANT to workout (and look good in my new clothes ;) 

I love the Soffe Brand because of it's quality and affordability. It's SOOOO rare you find that! I feel like I'm constantly on the search for the best bang for my buck! These leggings are so so soft and I love the mesh detailing on the ends! I love both of these pieces because they are so simple and easy to match! 

image_123986672 2.JPG


I got the black jacket from Soffe as well and it's been perfect for my runs (when I do haha). The lightweight and soft material are perfect for not getting uncomfortable EVEN WHEN RUNNING! I swear it's like the only jacket I haven't had to take off and strap around my waist! It's also super breezy so I'm not sweating while I'm running! 

EEEK! I love them both, excited to see what new motivational pieces I get next. ;)


Love you all! Feel free to DM me with any questions as always!





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