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My LONG Hair!!!! & all my secrets!!!

My LONG Hair!!!! & all my secrets!!!

Hiiiii Guyyyssss!

I've gotten a lot of questions recently about my mermaid hair that I'm so so excited to answer!!! 

First off, "What do you use to keep your hair so long?"

PC: Megan Holmberg Photography

SO! I actually have extensions!!! I used to use Bellami Hair Extensions (but I actually do not suggest them!) I got them & they were great for about 2 weeks. But, it made my hair SO tangled. They were super uncomfortable & noticeable just do yourself a favor & skip that step HAHA. 

CURRENTLY WHAT I DO: (Best decision of my life... well close). I got permanent extensions from the best out there Marsa from the Robert Leonard Salon in Seattle. I highly highly suggest going to her if you are interested in extensions!! Or any type of hair care.. I trust her fully with my head of hair (& I don't trust a lot of people LOL). 

Check her out: @hairbymarsa


Wow it's just night & day difference. I got my first extensions in my sophomore year of high school. I loved what they did to make my hair long & thick, but let me tell ya they were a PAIN. 

I took a break from my extensions and went back & forth cause I couldn't tell if I loved or hated them. & finally decided to get them back. Especially cause I didn't know how B would feel about me having real hair in my head that was clip in's, but he didn't mind so back in my head they went!!!

It wasn't until recently that Marsa told me about permanent extensions!!! I was always like ehhh I don't know they're pricey, I heard they damage hair blah blah. But NO not these ones!!! Tape in's don't damage your hair & you only pay for the hair once a year or so & after that you just need to go in 5-6 weeks at a time to get extensions moved back up to your root of your hair so they don't fall out/become noticeable/get in the way.

I got my tape in extensions in and honestly it's the best. I wake up with thick, longer hair & honestly makes getting ready 10 billion times easier. The only negative I can think of is that I can scratch & scrub my hair as intense as I did before when I'm showering! But honestly you get used to it. AH I just love them so much I had to write about them!!! 

PC: Jenna Lynn Photography


OKAY so underneath my beautiful extensions is my own real long beautiful hair lol. My real hair is still naturally pretty long. You can kind of see it sticking out in the picture above if you really look!! 

I think it's very important to take care of your real hair to keep that all fresh & nice!! I will link below exactly what I use to keep it nice & long. ALSO prenatal pills (no I'm not pregnant). But they work great for growing your hair!! I love the chewy ones that taste like gummy bears (they're more fun to take) you can get those at any grocery store!!! 

Yay!!! Those are all my favorite products that I use!!! That is beyond my favorite brand. I've tried one too many but these work the best for my hair & are a little pricey but beyond worth it to maintain healthy, beautiful hair!!!

If you can't afford them all I would suggest buying the conditioner & heat protectant FOR SURE. Those I think are the most important!!! I used the oil before extensions, but If you have extensions, using that oil for the ends is SO NICE too to keep it soft & smooth. 

EEK! Hope I was of some help with my hair post!!! If you guys have any more questions regarding hair growth or extensions or pricing with Marsa please let me know and i'd be happy to help ya'll out!!!


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