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Coats you NEED this Winter

Coats you NEED this Winter


Hi All!!!

Okay I'm so excited to share with you (after all of my shopping & searching around) the cutest coats for this season!! Those that keep you warm, ones that are just plain trendy, and ones that are the best BANG for your buck!!! Hope you love it! & bundle up fashionably!! xoxo

Coats that will ACTUALLY keep you warm

EEEk! Love all these coats! I narrowed it down to a few of my faves that will actually keep you warm & are still super cute! Also the faux fur on the hood is SUPER in right now so I linked a bunch of those! 

Coats that are warm but mostly trendy

Chose all of these coats specifically from what's in right now! Trenches, patterns, faux fur. You can't go wrong with any of these!!! These are so essential for this season to show off this season's trends as well as keep you warm! 


Kennedy fur Coat x $45


Courtney Cardigan x $45


Hollie Hoodie x $45

VIS coats (my online store!!)

These are a few of my fav coats (obviously since they're on my store!!). Love all these to keep warm (especially the Hollie Hoodie - that keeps me so so cozy!!!). I've attached the link below to my store!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post & found some essential (or just cute lol) coats for this season!!!


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Valentine's Day Outfits

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