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My new FAV Kiehl's products

My new FAV Kiehl's products


Hi Hi guys!!! 

So excited to share with you all after my consultation with Kiehl's my new FAV products from them. AND why I wish I would've started using their products sooner!!


Kiehl's Products I use & RAVE about!! 

Okay I had never tried Kiehl's until now, but I'm actually in love. I had always heard good thing but it's one thing to hear it & another to actually EXPERIENCE it. 


First FAV new thing - Apothecary Preparations 

Okayyyy SO COOL & FUN! (I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to skincare though HAHA). I got to sit down with a specialist to go over my skin & make my own skincare serum!!! 

You take a skin test & talk to the specialist about the differences you'd like to see in your skin & then you create your own little formula!!! (Seriously I felt like a chemist). I told her I'd like to see my redness go down on my skin, as well as minimizing my pores, & she gave me all the ingredients to create my own little personalized bottle!!! like HOW COOL IS THAT.

So yes. Definitely worth going in to Kiehl's & doing that! I've been using it every night & HONESTLY see a difference. I wouldn't lie!!!

FAV PRODUCTS BY KIEHL'S (that I use daily!!)

I wish I would've found out about these products sooner! Every morning I use the cucumber cleanser & toner. It's so gentle on my skin (my skin is SUPER sensitive, I've always had bad skin & just went off accutane last year - so it's super important to me to be gentle with my skin!!!). 

The facial cream as my husband would say is "Next Level" lol. But seriously. My skin has never felt so hydrated (not overly oily), but just so clean. I love love love it & use it every morning & night!! 

I love this lip balm as well!!! I keep it in my purse!! I have the "Rose" balm as well - but prefer this one since it's untinted!! 

PERFECT Kiehl's Gift's under $50

See more products & info at -

Photos x Brittney Solie of Solie Designs 


As always let me know if you have any more questions!!! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!! xoxo

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