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70's or 2016?

70's or 2016?


I've been loving these hippie vibes/70's looks lately that have been coming back so I wanted to  do a look that really showcased that! 

Sweater x Esther Boutique

Jeans x Forever 21

Shoes x Michael Kors

Purse x Kate Spade

Poof ball x Amazon

I chose this sweater not only because I have a love for looser fit turtle necks, but also because Esther Boutique is my go to. Such good quality, I have gotten so many compliments on this sweater and you can really tell why when you look at the material and details that are in this turtle neck.

Super comfy, easy on the go. I was in a rush and just threw my hair up in a high messy pony, threw a long white tank and this sweater over and I looked like I was trying to look nice (jokes on whoever saw me cause that was not the case). But seriously, I love investing in a few pieces like this where it makes getting ready on the go so much easier.

Boyfriend jeans are super cute with this style as well with a messy pony & maybe some glasses (fake glasses or not - you can make a fashion statement #noshame). Dress it up with a midi skirt, or do like I did in this shoot & go for the 70's look!! 

I love the detail that my amazing photographer Megan Holmberg caught on these!! Okay I feel like I go back & forth on Forever 21. When I'm short on money and am desperately needing some new clothes I think, "I guess I can handle the craziness of Forever 21 for a few new clothes". While other times I have the mindset of "There is no way I will enter that store ever again, I am willing to pay extra to go somewhere else". HAHA. Well here is when I was a huge fan of the store because I found these jeans!!! I feel like in Forever 21 a diamond in the rough can be found; this is my diamond!!

These Jeans (only $30 if I may brag) are high waisted dark wash flares! They honestly feel like pajama pants or leggings or who knows, but I love being trendy & comfy at the same time. My shoes however - trendy & not so comfy. 

I've been really into pairing these jeans with baggy shirts & sweaters (where you can either tuck them in or leave em' undone). But I also love letting the jeans steal the show & wearing a tighter shirt/bodysuit underneath; really showing the highwaisted-ness (is that a word??) of the jeans & pairing it with a leather or moto jacket. 

Well that's all I have to say!! Here's a sassy pic of me to conclude this post. Thanks for reading or skimming through my blabbering of my love for clothes. Can't wait to post some more of my favorite styles & looks!! xo xo 

Mixin' my Denim

Mixin' my Denim

Little Black Dress?

Little Black Dress?