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Coffee Date Essentials

Coffee Date Essentials

Adding a little spring time feels to the blog!! It feels crazy being able to wear a summer dress like this already and not be freezing!! Us Seattle-lites are just always shocked when we can pull this off!! Me & Megan decided to show off some details in this shoot a few of my fav things (mostly the coffee) hahahahaha. ALSO!!! I got the privilege to be a guest blogger on Amy Click's blog ( insta x @aclick23 ) So make sure to see everything I have to say about more of my thoughts on this dress!! YAY!! 

First off, Cafe Cesura though. So so cute!! Right in downtown Bellevue perfect study spot (& picture taking spot for those of you like me who don't study HAHA)

I am a fairly well organized person I'd like to think (at least most of the time), but I gotta say it definitely helps me stay more on track with a cute planner & supplies!! That's why I HAVE to brag about the brand Russell + Hazel. Literally the cutest supplies & not a lot of people know about them so THAT'S why I'm getting the word out!! Seriously I am very passionate about this look right now & sorry in advance for your wallet hahahaha !! 

Okay so personally I am not very great with buying accessories. I lean more towards the side of just buying clothes all the time! But this is where Poshmark or Vinted comes in handy. I got this new Kate Spade purse for $200 cheaper than the original price. Deals on deals on deals!

Watch x Marc Jacobs

Bracelet x Alex & Ani

Phone Case & Puff Ball Keychain x Amazon

Dress x Forever 21

Shoes x Michael Kors

^^ My face every picture before Megan tells me to do a serious pose HAHA!! That's all for now!! Don't forget to check out this style on Amy Click's blog as well ( ) !!

xo xo!!

Little Black Dress?

Little Black Dress?