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Bellevue Ballin' on a Budget

Bellevue Ballin' on a Budget

Hello my fellow style lovers!!!

So excited to share with you guys this outfit I pieced together & where you can snatch some of these pieces!! 

Since my budget has gone down (sadly) & my love for clothes gets bigger I have decided that I need to reevaluate how much I spend on clothes *crying*

So I have to decided to splurge on some staple pieces from now on & everything else keepin' it in reason!!

Kimono x Forever 21 - Get it here: $35

Tank x Urban Outfitters (Staple)

Jeans x Topshop (Staple)

Heels x Calvin Klein (Staple)

Choker x Forever 21 - Get it here: $4

Purse x Forever 21 - Get it here: $25

PC: Blake Hemmerling x

More style & savings comin' atcha soon! Until next time,

xo xo !! 

Pretty n' Pink

Pretty n' Pink

Mixin' my Denim

Mixin' my Denim