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Cutters Crabhouse

Cutters Crabhouse

EEEK!!! Okay both me & Brandon are so excited to share our new favorite date night/special occasion spot!! We live in Capitol Hill so naturally we're always searching around Seattle for the BEST spots for us!

Cutters Crabhouse

We are both SUCH huge fans of some good seafood. So naturally for B's birthday that's what he had to have!!! & I'm seriously so satisfied with our experience at Cutter's to celebrate his special day, I had to share!!! 

They sat us next to the window with a beautiful view!!! (I kept getting distracted looking out the window & taking pictures HAHA). & HOW SWEET they made it so personal & put colored ribbon/confetti on the table & a special happy birthday note!!!

& of course we needed a birthday Margarita & Champagne to celebrate!!!

Service is super important to us at a restaurant. So many times we've sat down at places and if we sit & no one greets us within a certain amount of time we always go!! Especially on a special occasion dinner like a birthday it's gotta be PERFECT!

Aaaall that to say. We respected the service there so much. They were constantly checking up on us, SO friendly, very accommodating, it was amazing! I had to mention it!

Always getting sushi to start LOVE. So so fresh. We went through this Rainbow roll too fast!!! Hahahaha.

We decided to go all out & both went with the salmon, scallops, mashed potatoes & asparagus! Oh my gosh I can't even look at this picture my mouth is still drooling. Everything literally MELTED in my mouth. I didn't know seafood could taste THIS GOOD. 

We were both so stuffed, but the happy kind of full. I was so full but I just kept eating LOL. & HOW SWEET they brought out B a Happy Birthday dessert!! 

We felt SO SPOILED with our dinner with Cutters! We are two very picky people & would not suggest a place we didn't fully love. 

We are so excited for our next date night with Cutter's Crabhouse (COMING VERY SOON LOL).