OUR TRIP WAS SO SO FUN!!! It was my first time to Scottsdale & I just absolutely fell in love!! I did a ton of research (aka looking at where all of my friends go who live down there lol) & found such cute spots!!!

I'm so excited to share some of my favorite outfits & the places we went to while I was down there!!



Ruze Cake House

Seriously my favorite spot!!! Not just cause all the goodies.. but that did play a big part!!! It was SO CUTE IN THERE JUST LOOK!!! 

I got their famous "Ruze Boba Tea" along with some macarons & let me tell ya that did the trick. The macarons were so fresh & chewy - they literally had bakers in the back of the shop going at it!!! I hate when macarons are all stale & stuff (but then again who likes the stale-ness LOL).

But seriously!! Thankful for places like these that make everything so fresh & so yummy. Seriously considered shipping my wedding cake from here to back home LOL!!! REAL TALK. I love me a good sweet treat. 


 BRIO Tuscan Grille


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P.S. it's only $18!! 

Super obsessed with this new 2-piece set!!! & more excited about the price HAHA! Love sharing these cute finds!!! 

Okay on to the food. 

So so good!!! I was more obsessed with the area around it. Scottsdale quarter & Kierland Commons is dream land. My mom had to tell me one day "nikki we can't go there anymore" because we went so much HAHA!!! She's a trooper for sticking with me ;)

Loved Brio!!! it was so pretty. I was so obsessed with the ambiance of it all - & eating outside was pretty nice too since that's a foreign concept in Seattle lol. 

We figured we had to try their pizza while we were there! Plus vacation so calories don't matter I'm pretty sure HAHA. It was good!!! I've had better ( I know my pizza lol) But still so great & such a fun place!


Nekter Juice Bar

Loved it here!!! Smoothies can be SUCH a hit or miss. Especially when trying to keep them clean & healthy!!

I tried these 3 different kinds The Pink Flamingo (I think it was called?), the Mango one, & the Green Tropical one & they were all so so yummy!!! Especially with the green. You couldn't even taste the greens - which is a miracle! So yummy, can't wait to go back & try more when I go back!!


Juby True

Sorry sorry sorry, more juice places!!! There's just hardly any in Seattle so got to get them all in when I'm in a sunny place!!!

Loved Juby True, very cute right in my fav place Scottsdale Quarter ;) I have to say I did like Nekter more - but Juby's a close 2nd!!! I tried some green drink & it was good!!! As good as it can be ya know what i'm sayin' !!!

I also got some questions about cute coffee shops in Scottsdale. One of my favorite's was Press Coffee it got voted top 50 in the country!!! Honestly I just had drip & couldn't really tell the difference lol but i'm sure for you hard core coffee drinkers you can tell the difference!! 


The Mission

Okay this place got CRAZY good ratings/reviews & know I see why!! We wanted some good mexican while we were down there & boy did we get it!! 

We had some of the favorites that were recommended to try - Duck empanadas, Steak Tacos & the HOUSE GUAC!!!

There's a guy who wheels a cart around with a bunch of ingredients & HAND MAKES the guac in front of you!!! We all said that if no one was looking we would've ate it by the spoon HAHAHA. 


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^^ only $11 right now!!! I feel so ready for spring in this baby!! & it definitely did the trick for easter!!

If you're looking for a church in Scottsdale The Trinity Church is the place!! Love seeing churches around the world so on fire for Jesus & doing big things in their community!!!

What an amazing easter! So thankful for what Jesus did on the cross so that we can have a relationship with Him!!! - THANK YOU JESUS!!! 


Can't wait to go back for more fun soon!!! NEXT UP - HONEYMOON!!