FINALLY!!! WE DID IT! I am so indecisive & I want our little studio to be PERFECT, so the fact we got this done is huge!!!



I am NO wedding expert by any means HAHA. Me & B both had no idea where to register or when or what exactly to get, but THANKFULLY there's amazing websites that can help you figure all that tough stuff out!! 

WeddingWire ACTUALLY has saved my life. Everything from browsing Registry tip's & etiquette's to managing your own personal wedding website where your guests can log on & access it!! 

My FAV Wedding Registry Tools

I'm going to link some of (what I think) are the most useful tools when registering!!! 


^^ Uh SO essential. Me & B would've probably taken 10 hrs. if it wasn't for this. HOW ELSE in the world are you supposed to remember all those little things?!


^^ Even though I don't know anything about registry shopping, I still thought I knew everything about it.. "How hard can it actually be" -(me LOL) WELL. Even though you think you may know everything like me HAHA. These tips are helpful, because turns out I learned A LOT. Some of my favorite tips were Gifts You'll Forget to Register For & 10 Ways to Update Your Registry 

So many good things!!! To see more tools or fun WeddingWire content that I've enjoyed, see the links below!

@WeddingWire x WeddingWire



Our Inspo

Me & B LOVE (maybe me more than him lol) LOVE this white, clean modern look!! Very simple, but in style! It's hard to explain my vision without the help of Pinterest, so I figured it needed to be included of course!! 

I love all the fur, flowers, & pretty lights going on too!!! & I think so does B secretly ;)



WOW. We found waaayyy too many good things. We tried to stay with Target so it was more affordable.. but oh my goodness we found so many cute things at Crate & Barrel too!! We have lots of shelving in our lil' studio so we thought this vase & plant would go perfectly there. 



I could go on & on about all the things we asked for with an explanation of why & where,  but I don't want to bore you too much so I'll keep it short!! The top list are a few of the things we asked from, from Target.

That big beautiful wood bowl on the top left will be used for Salads to motivate me to eat healthy LOL. The white & gold marble nightstand lamp - SO CUTE. & of course those cute white wood frames for our wedding pics ;) I highly suggest going to target if you do want any of those items listed above, because they are so affordable!! 

See our whole Target registry below!! (gifts are always welcome as well;)

 Target Registry List


Lol. I will explain the randomness of those twigs in middle. SO. Cutest thing ever - You put those twigs in the vase on the left & it is so cute (even Crate & Barrel had it set up like that in their store so I'm not crazy)!!

& then that marble wine holder on the right, we are actually going to use it for spatulas & stuff like that!!! How creative right ;) See our whole Crate & Barrel registry below!

Crate & Barrel List



Hahahaha. Okay. I am no professional Youtuber, BUT. I thought it would be super fun to share with you guys a little video of us actually registering for all of our items & having so much fun with it!! 


Photographer x @Mollymoormeier

& a very special thanks to WeddingWire for sponsoring this post!!!