NYFW x DAY 3 & 4

Okay you guys probably already know my FAVORITE part of both of these days... LAUDUREE!!! I seriously was so excited I can't even explain it to you guys!!!

I got the yummiest lavender tea (+ 3 croissants & 2 macaron's LOL) 



Shows, Brunch & Style Collective Party

Post Lauduree we were off to our Leanne Marshall show! Okay.. I didn't know that apparently you have to be an hour early to shows & are STILL not guaranteed a spot... EVEN if you were given an invitation!!! SO they sent us away along with 100 other people, but it's okay cause we just went out to eat instead HAHA so #winning

We headed to Jack's Wife Freida & I got that green eggs & ham - it was ok lol... wish I would've gotten something else!!! After we headed to the Vashali Show & actually made that one!! It was surprisingly one of my favorite's! Such a good presentation!!! We ended the night with the Style Collective party. It was SUCH a cool outdoor venue, it felt like we were dancing in the middle of New York City!! So so fun.



YOU GUYS!!! I Had never tried Glam Squad before!!! It was so fun! They came to our hotel room & gave us all blowouts & did our hair - it was seriously amazing. I think I'd pay again just for someone to come and play with my hair HAHA.


WHILE WE WERE YOUNG + TIMES SQUARE (& m&m's world hehe)

Not even gonna lie - wanted to go to While We Were Young because I heard there were pink booths and cute drinks lol. SO yummy, I had roasted cauliflower (I've been super into veggies with yummy sauce - ESPECIALLY brussel sprouts)!

After we headed to Times Square and I was soooo touristy. We went into M&M world and I thought it was disneyland literally dropped $20 on M&Ms... How does that even happen?!?


Lulu's Party

In the words of @sincerelylaureleigh "This is the best day of my life". Literally I'm still like I don't even know how we got into this event, but it was so amazing. I remember not really recognizing people there, but then later seeing them on social media with like millions of followers. lol. ANYWAYS it was amazing, lots of dancing and so much fun meeting all sorts of people!! Naturally we needed pizza on the walk home ;)

DEFINITELY my two favorite days in New York!! Days 5 & 6 coming soon!!


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