My Bridal Shower!!!

Hello BEST DAY EVER (well.. pretty close). Literally this shower was A DREAM. I can't wait to share the little details with you guys!! All from details of the decorations, my favorite parts, favorite things for our STUDIO, my DRESS. EEK so many things to talk about!!  

SO so happy that I had a little bit of help from WeddingWire getting ready for my shower, knowing what to expect, helping people find my registry and all that good stuff. I love all the ideas they have that have helped me DREAM of this perfect shower & of course wedding too hehe. 

IDEAS - they seriously have the CUTEST ideas & great tips for things you wouldn't even THINK of.

Okay & you guys only hear the good parts of my wedding planning process. But let's keep it real!!! It's a hard planning a wedding!! So many little things coming together & going in the same direction is tough!! Like FOR INSTANCE my mom has been so good at helping me plan cause I always get so busy and forget sometimes lol. BUT she was telling me I needed to figure out wedding favors (one of our last things to do). SO I just look on WeddingWire & BOOM x Wedding Favor Ideas

I would be so unorganized without them... THANK YOU for keeping me ready & organized (& sane LOL). 


I've never officially given the details for our save the dates (our invites will be shown soon too:). I'm AMAZED on how they turned out. Better than I could've ever imagined!!! Me & my craftiness (or lack of) I found a picture on Pinterest cause I have no creativity & asked PS Lettering Shop to imitate it & uhh it's even better than I expected!!! I'm so in love with the way they turned out - she's amazing!!! I've been using like all her cute paper lately, HAHA. I'm in love (& over budget lol). 


First of all, I am so thankful for everyone who worked so hard to make this bridal shower a dream come true!!! Especially to Sue who opened her house to us & my sweet sis who put in such hard work!!! 

Okayyyy. I just ate but I'm hungry again (always craving brunch). This little brunch Sue made was TO DIE FOR. She hand made little yogurts in mason jars, AND FRESH MAKED SCONES (who knows how to DO THAT). Literally Martha Stewart!!! I love the little B & N's everywhere & white peonies are my favorite flowers & match in PERFECTLY with my wedding colors!!! (White, tan, beige & accent of gold!!). 

CUTEST mimosa bar!!! Later she brought out all different kinds of juices, champagne, sparkling water, and of course coffee off to the side cause she knows me too well hehe. 

I seem to always forget all the little details of decorating that make throwing a party so important!!! I love how she spiced it up with a Letterfolk board & Glassbaby candles. She also had frames of me & B - SO CUTE. I'm literally taking notes on my next party I'm planning!!! 


I've got sooooo many questions about this dress & I've finally FOUND the link along with the other ones I've either gotten or on my radar!!! I love all these dresses cause they are SO CUTE, but so inexpensive too!! Like this one was $20!! I'm telling you guys... You just gotta know where to look!!


I was seriously BLOWN AWAY by everyones generosity!!! We got sooo many good things. I remember keeping everything out to show B we are SO excited (at least I am hehe). 

Here's a few things we got, that I know I at least LOVED! To explain lol: the cake stand is in hopes that I become an amazing baker. The tin basket is so cute & will help me be organized. The hubby & wifey mugs are just dang cute. & of course that wood bowl will have salad in it to keep me looking good LOL. ;) BTW all of those are from Target!!


I know most of you have already seen it (since I can't stop posting it!!!). But figured I'd link my Bridal Shower video here again so you guys can get a better glimpse of it YAY!! 

ALSO I am actually so bummed that I didn't figure this out sooner. BECAUSE WeddingWire has the COOLEST new tool for Snapchat (which I should've been more prepared & created one for my bridal shower). It's SO FUN. I've been playing around with it a little since I'm going to get one for my Bachelorette party next month hehe (& OBVIOUSLY my wedding too). You can make your own customized wedding snapchat filter!!!!! LITERALLY TRY IT!!! 

WeddingWire Snapchat Tool

There's so many cute ones. I've already customized the exact one I want. It'll be so fun to use!!! Make sure & watch out for my next post where I show off the one I chose ;)

VERY special thank you to WeddingWire for sponsoring this post!!