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Small Space Closet Organization x

Small Space Closet Organization x

Hi friends!!

So excited to share some organization tips with you & how I transformed my closet + how I get the most use out of my small space!!!


OK! So first things first on making the most of your storage in a small space! Bins are important, BUT you only have so much space for even storage bins! That’s why I am in LOVE with this 2-3 story closet organization tier!! Only $30 on Amazon and it has given me SOOO much more space in my closet! Attaching the exact one below for you guys!!!



Seems so simple BUT bins are very important to maximize your space! Now I’m a nerd and like to organize my bins by category lollll. The bins on the top of my tier are exclusively for my blogging clothes/products/items. The middle tier is for my shoes, and the bottom bins are for anything that I need more space for that I have too much of - (So I put my extra shoes that I don’t wear all the time in one bin, and my jean shorts are in the other bin since I don’t have any more space for those!).

Then the bin on the side next to the tier are all of my clothes I am selling on poshmark/closet sale! It makes it so much easier this way when I get new things to stay organized and for nothing to get lost! I’ve attached the bins that I used for this below!!



Seems little but honestly makes a big difference! Having matching hangers just makes it look more put together and organized! I love the wood ones, but I use the fuzzy ones too for items that don’t stay on the wood ones. I’ve attached a great deal on the wood hangers below, along with white fuzzy non slip hangers (I like the white ones better than black hehe).



I decided to get some basic white plastic bins for some overhead storage for things i only use every once and awhile! I use these for travel items, winter shoes/jackets/etc, and extra random things - they are so helpful! Linking the exact ones I used and they are very cheap! I think only like $5 a bin! Then things also don’t get scattered, it looks and feels more organized & put together in your space!

We also have a big white dresser on the other side that we both share! I store my activewear, pj’s, undies/bra’s in there! Linking some perfect organizers for inside dressers as well to get the most of your space! I just ordered/recieved this in the mail so I didn’t take a picture of it - but I’ve heard amazing things from another influencer who owns in!

Thank you so much for reading! Hope this helped with organizing your closet space! xx

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