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Moxy Seattle Downtown

Moxy Seattle Downtown


Let's be real. What other hotel can you play TWISTER in the LOBBY. UH NONE I'm pretty sure LOL. LOTS of love for this brand new Moxy Hotel in Seattle that JUST opened last week.

What I love about the Moxy Hotel is it's uniqueness. Each Moxy Hotel has a different theme which is so fun, but more importantly they actually WANT you to have a good time at their stay!! They will do just about anything to make it an AMAZING experience for you! 


You guys probably watched my video above, but it was an absolute BLAST. & I've never felt more welcomed by a hotel staff! Like since when do you get to hang out with the manager & learn everything there is to know & have him show you a good time! That's good quality service right there!! 


ALSO - Make sure to mention "Nicole Carlson" or my handle "@nicolecarlsonxo" to the bar at the Moxy Hotel Seattle for 50% off from now until 4/30/17!!! Until next time Moxy!!! I'm trying to see that carousel in the New York Moxy Hotel next hehe! 


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Hotel Murano (+ our Stanley & Seafort's Dinner)

Hotel Murano (+ our Stanley & Seafort's Dinner)

AC Hotel by Marriott Seattle Bellevue Downtown

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