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Me & B pt. 1 - Getting PERSONAL

Me & B pt. 1 - Getting PERSONAL

Hi guys!!! I'm excited to go a little more in depth & be more vulnerable with you all. I get a lot of questions regarding me & B's relationship. Whether that be how we managed long distance, how we "knew" that we were meant for each other, or how we made our relationship last through the thick & thin!

All these questions might not be answered in this post (since I tend to ramble on & on lol). & I know I don't do a lot of talking posts (which is ironic since I have a blog lol). But I figured I could start doing some regarding our relationship (Since that's a hot topic lately with this RING ON MY FINGER AH! :)

So specifically in this post I want to talk about how we made our relationship last. With long distance, our VERY STRONG personalities & all that other tough stuff that comes along with relationships. 

EEEK! As many of you know me & B met at City church & this was one of our first little dates!!! Off to the Farmers Market & Mariners Game. So cute I just needed to add this. It's honestly so crazy looking back just a year ago of where we were at & how far we've come. So with that being said...

Why I admire the way he pursued me & why it's been different than other guys

From the moment me & B met he has had nothing but respect for me. I didn't even know guys like this existed!!!! He asked me out to lunch for our first date & before I knew it 3 dates later he was super upfront with his intentions & told me he wanted to pursue me (& EVEN when he knew I was moving to Portland... WHAT A STUD).

Brandon told me he didn't want to kiss me until he knew he loved me (HARD.. BUT MAD RESPECT). & 3 months later he told me he loved me on Alki Beach, we kissed & that's when he said he knew he was going to marry me!! Literally getting butterflies talking about this hahaha.

Now I know what you're thinking... Yes, most guys are not like Brandon. I have delt with a handful of guys that were not worth my time or tears. But, Brandon the Godly man he was, was committed to loving me in a way that I hadn't experienced before. A Christ centered kind of love.

Why I believe our relationship really stood strong during hard times

If you don't know me & Brandon we are both VERY strong people LOL. & putting 2 strong people can make for a very passionate love, but a lot of "clashing" times  as well. But me & Brandon have learned over the course of our relationship what SELFLESS love really looks like. 

I have never really been in a serious relationship, because frankly none of them were worth my time HAHA. & neither was Brandon (YAY). But all that to say, we had NO IDEA what we were doing when we first started dating. We knew we liked each other but that was about it hahaha. & with being long distance, Brandon graduating, starting work & trying to get in to law school... we definitely had some messy times!! Lot's of freak outs as we like to put it!!! lol. 

My one piece of advice for single girls

I feel like I especially have gotten this question since I've been engaged. "How did you find Brandon?! Where?!" "Guys like that just don't exist anymore!!". Yes, there's not a lot of Godly men out there which is so sad. But there are some devoted to Christ, waiting for the one that God has for them! So don't settle for less!! Please don't. Just don't. He's not worth it, a lot of my guys in my past weren't & I wish I had just waited for the man that God wanted to bring my way. You are SO WORTHY OF EXTRAVAGANT LOVE. & some guy who won't respect you, & who doesn't pursue or love you in a Godly way just really isn't worth it. Respect yourself enough to say no to the douche bag & wait patiently for the man God wants to bring in your life. 

Have high standards. Brandon met with my dad WEEKLY & READ BOOKS FOR MY DAD IN ORDER TO DATE ME LOL. WHO ELSE WOULD DO THAT HAHA. Brandon waited to kiss me for months. We have decided to stay pure until our wedding night. Brandon kisses my hand EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before he leaves and asks me "Do you feel loved?" because he never wants me to go to sleep not knowing how much I'm loved. (Seriously, he's never missed a day). Brandon leads me so well & loves me no matter how much of a (you know what) I can be (& I can be a big one LOL). 

Don't give up on your standards for a temporary fulfillment. A love that won't last. Set your eyes on Jesus to fulfill you & wait patiently for the one that He has for you. I'm so glad that I did!!

"God can do anything, you know - far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!" Ephesians 3:20